Monday, July 18, 2011

Americans reach end resulting in defeat!

This world cup tour for the American woman was truly a wonderful experience. The American woman managed to re spark the country's look on soccer and everyone was on the band wagon. The woman went through some intense battles but eventually lost to the world cup winners playing for Japan. Now I have to wait till fall and hope that a football season will be featured.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How to Love....Understand it better

Snooze button (poem)

Im burning in the inside,
Internal bleeding,
My lungs don't expand,
My heart hates beating,
Im less of a man cause I scrap peas, while you congressman has all the cabbage for your needs. 
I'm a premature baby who can't afford the care, as the healthy congressman let's me be declared. 
My issue was deferred.
He just hit the snooze button.

I've killed for you,
Covered up for you, 
Not just one term served,
I've done quite a few
I make the steps in your place,
You ll make me fight pointless battles to save face.
Finally I'm home,
One limb less,
Can't get a job,
Diagnose with post-dramatic stress.
Congressman I've done every thing see,
But why when I'm come home you dont care about me?
my issue was ignored.
He just hit the snooze button.

Black man I am. I done seen it all,
When I stood strong,
I stood tall,
Till the man came in,
And made me fall.
Since then I've been a slave,
Physically then,
Mental now.
But I have the upper hand,
I'll tell you how,
See the congressman has always sleep on me!
If that wasn't true I'd not be free,
See the congressman has always sleep on me!
If that wasn't true then who be Ali? 
See the congressman would be smart not to sleep on me. 
Im the Boss now,
My first initial is B
Like the first in my skin.
Change is needed now,
I demand it my friends,
Let's make America great
let's fight till The end!

We allow the congress to sleep on our needs and simply hit the snooze button to defer us.
Say with me,
Congressman don't sleep on me.

The sound of aggravating noise wakes him up. He grabbed his phone and hits the snooze button.

We can't expect others not to snooze on us, when we in fact snooze on ourselves.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"I wonder" (poem)...explicit

I wonder why I don't give fuck! Is it cause I'm a running number?
Ill let your thoughts plunder.
Roam into the rooms of the lobes being used for operation.
My pockets are pumping stations for wealthy men who give on rare occasion and take like sex sensations.
Stealing happiness for greed, but I should give a Fuck?
Cut my eyes out so I can't see you taint my women.
Burn my ears so they can't be force feed with optimistic bullshit.
Leave my taste for the sake of mercy.
Who cares for what they don't believe in?
I lost comfort from my government six years ago.
Surprise punch in the face,
I expected a low blow.
I don't give a fuck because I plan to change this damnation's reign.
Politic or lunatic.
This black man has had!
I don't give a fuck because my love is deserved and I don't do one nighters

Fowl to the Game

An 18-year-old Martin Luther King Jr. High School graduate was declared one of the best freestyle rappers in the country.

Detroiter Saffal Tall, better known by his stage name FowL, won a national freestyle competition judged by another Detroiter no stranger to rap battles himself: Eminem.

The "Red Bull EmSee: The Road to 8 Mile National Championship" brought out rappers from hip-hop hot spots like New York City and the Bay Area to lesser-known enclaves like Austin, Texas. After battling across several cities nationwide, the final battle was fought out on familiar stomping grounds: Saint Andrew's Hall in downtown Detroit.

"I brought it back to the crib....thank God," FowL, a student at Michigan State University, tweetedafter winning the competition.

Last night's display brought out a few notable local names, including Trick Trick, Royce da 5'9, Marv Won, Elzhi (of Slum Village) and Black Milk. And a few national names were there, too -- Bun B (who had judged earlier competitions in his Houston hometown and New York City), DJ Jazzy Jeff, Xzibit and Skillz.

Eminem, quiet, reserved and media-shy for the festivities, judged the three-round battle with producers Alchemist and Mr. Porter.

"The people that come out and support these crowds are incredible," Bun B told MLive. "They're performing extremely well under pressure. This whole experience has been a class act."

Before the competition, Bun B said the rappers in New York City were "hard to beat." Ironically, the final round saw FowL and an NYC rapper, DNA, face off.

Here's how it worked: The eight finalists paired off and fought three rounds until it boiled down to two. In the first round, each rapper was shown five images on a projection screen and required to use them in their freestyle.

One of Austin rapper Franchyze's images was a picture of Bob Saget. "We had an orgy in your home/it was a full house."

DNA had a boy scout for one of his images. "You a bitch dressed like a boy scout."

judges-eminem.jpgJudges Mr. Porter, Alchemist and Eminem
Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and Gwyneth Paltrow were all bitches too, by the way. And sometimes your mother or your girlfriend.

Headkrack (yes, the sidekick from "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show"was a contestant) caught a bad reaction from the crowd with a picture of a lion. "You about to have a bad record like the Lions." Instant boos.

"My mom's from Detroit," Franchyze told MLive before the battle. "She's from the east side, on Van Dyke. She told me, "don't diss the D, now. Don't say negative things about Detroit.'"

In Round 2, each rapper was given an ongoing series of random words they had to use in the freestyle. Amalgamation. Obama. Judge Judy. Thing. Captain Lou Albano. And so on. It tripped a few of the rappers up, as they only had 60 seconds to show off.

By the last round, after a beatboxing intermission from the show's host D.R.E.S. tha BEATnik, DNA and FowL squared off in a no-holds barred battle. No words, no images -- just flow.

"Who would you rather listen to?/someone who spits the truth/or a n**** with a missing tooth?" FowL said, drawing the biggest reaction from the crowd.

DNA's attempt to pander to the Detroit crowd -- "Everybody from the 313/Put your hands in the air and follow me" -- fell on deaf ears, and his 60-second rap was cut short by the booing crowd. Eminem and the other panelists unanimously crowned FowL the winner.

FowL, who was the youngest in the competition, will now head into a studio to work with producers of his choice.

"I'm glad we did this," D.R.E.S. told MLive after the competition. "I'm glad we brought this to Detroit, of all places. This is love."

Detroit's own Slaughterhouse closed the show with a half-hour set. Here's a snippet, courtesy of YouTube user acehole411:

Who's Pac Div? ...Look & Learn more

Pac Div: The Series Trailer from Pac Div on Vimeo.

As Hip Hop attempts to regain its definition, fans have already defined it with Southern California trio, Pac Div.  The group consists of brothers, Like and Mibbs, along with longtime friend BeYoung.  The three came together in high school.  While new talents strayed towards microwave music that trades quantity for quality, Pac Div crafted an original sound timeless sound influenced by the golden era of hip hop.
In 2006, Pac Div released a thematic mix tape. The tracks chronicled day-jobs, trying to appeal to the fairer sex without fat pockets, restoring a Black presence in Hip Hop, and carefully coifed wardrobes amidst the pursuit of glory. The results were jarring, the unsigned group landed on the pages of many magazines,  Vapors, Urb, Source, XXL, Billboard, Rolling Stones, and 944 Magazine.  As well as a large internet presence followed.
During the course of the group’s development, Hip Hop superstars began to notice.  With Myspace love alone, Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes reached out to affirm that Pac Div is making innovative and fun music.  After that, a chance meeting with The Roots’ Questlove in a Los Angeles record store led to a passed demo – which shockingly then led to the drummer personally calling the group to also extend support. In Addition to Snoop Dogg shouting out on one of his songs, the group received approval from Talib Kweli, 9th Wonder, and Ludacris.  Rather than crutch these endorsements on album covers and Myspace banners, the trio matter-of-factly reminded fans that this was no overnight success.
Offers from major labels followed, the group found a home with Universal Motown Records and readying for their debut release, Grown Kid Syndrome late 2009.  The album delightfully forgets the tangents rap music has taken in the mainstream and simply affirms that good music is timeless.  Pac Div is crafting their album are focused on making sure their live show is well…live. The group has toured domestically and internationally with heavy hitters and tastemakers alike, Nas, Q-tip, Busta Rhymes, ICE- T, and Ludacris.
California Hip Hop is restructuring in the second half of the ’00.  Styles, faces, and crews may change, these three young men remind us that it is, was, and forever will be the Pacific Division.
Pac Div is currently finishing their album and will be making appearances at SXSW opening for The Roots in April.  They are managed by Christopher Watkins for Ch’rewd Management and booking agent: Cara Lewis (Domestic & Canada) – The William Morris Agency.

Kevin Hart comedy show comes to theaters Sept. 9th!!

What are the most common oral health problems in women?

 Aside from cavities, the most common oral health problems in women include periodontitis, which is a chronic and advanced disease of the periodontal supporting tissues in the mouth, gum sensitivity and swelling, gingivitis which is an inflammation of the gums, dry mouth, and canker sores. If you are a woman, you experience times in your life when your hormones fluctuate. This puts you more at risk for these oral health issues than men. These times in your life include puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause.  And during each of these separate times whenhormonal levels rise and fall, oral health issues can begin or worsen.

The most important oral health problem in women is gum disease, putting them at risk of a host of other related systemic health problems, in addition to teeth loss often after child bearing. Old wives tales believed that the "baby robs the mother's calcium" leading to tooth loss and osteoporosis, and "a mother loses a tooth for each baby she has," have, instead, been proven to be more a function of periodontal (gum) health, as well as hormone and mineral balances. Pregnancy gingivitis, an inflammation of the gums during pregnancy, can lead to gum disease damage causing loss of bone support to the teeth if left untreated. Hormonal changes during menopause can also do the same.

Sade Cru