Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"I wonder" (poem)...explicit

I wonder why I don't give fuck! Is it cause I'm a running number?
Ill let your thoughts plunder.
Roam into the rooms of the lobes being used for operation.
My pockets are pumping stations for wealthy men who give on rare occasion and take like sex sensations.
Stealing happiness for greed, but I should give a Fuck?
Cut my eyes out so I can't see you taint my women.
Burn my ears so they can't be force feed with optimistic bullshit.
Leave my taste for the sake of mercy.
Who cares for what they don't believe in?
I lost comfort from my government six years ago.
Surprise punch in the face,
I expected a low blow.
I don't give a fuck because I plan to change this damnation's reign.
Politic or lunatic.
This black man has had!
I don't give a fuck because my love is deserved and I don't do one nighters

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