My Team: Artist #1 "Juice"

Look at the  Monday, July 11, 2011 to understand what I mean by My Team.

Name: Darnell Hamilton  
Position: Rapper/Actor
Class: College Fr.
Twitter: @AirGang_Juice
Upcoming Work:
        Mixtape - "Juice box" date TBA

Monday, May 2, 2011
Air Gang To assist in the come back of ALL THINGS Censored!
My shun Juice got me back in the office.

Osama is dead and Airgang is ready to Blow you up with a new track


Every one has a talent but in this modern society your talent is only valued by the demand and interest of that talent. One of the biggest surges of interest is currently in music. Everyone wants to here music and GOOD music at that. Unfortunately the demand for good music here in New Orleans is being meet with multiple imposters and “wanna-be’s” . A lot of the youth in music is centered on recording about being the best, Swag, females, recreational activities, and materialistic things. Upcoming artist have rarely strayed away from these points which just makes their music basic, an usual. The Artist that make it are the people who stand out. Not those who stand out because of the opportunities they’ve had to be heard but those who make their work part of their life and stay with it.  One person who has the potential to be the most talentedly requested person in this city, is by far Darnel Hamilton otherwise known as Juice. Juice was featured earlier this year for his amazing acting camoes, doing pieces from Juice, Paid in Full, and Training day.  As I person who feels like their voice is Vital I must patronize this young man for keeping music honest. Giving life a musical value.  So allow me to showcase his work artistically and theatrically. 


Monday, November 22, 2010
Juice: Powerful even in a one man act

One of the greatest break through movies for an actor was Juice. The major production catapulted Tupac's ability as an actor, but also opened up the movie business for music artist. If you aren't aware of the movie you should be! Juice showed how power can destroy friendships but also break people. Their are not many people that will tell you Juice was a poor movie. It literally changed my mind and perspective of friendship.

Now to the topic at hand. As you may know, I love to show off talent that presents its-self to me and I have found something serious. Imagine your favorite movie, now think of someone coming in and reproducing it in less than two or three minutes, at a low production level and still giving you the same impression. Well I have found someone who has managed to do that. Now Juice is not my favorite movie but it still moved me to see this reproduction of this famous scene.

Training Day

Paid in Full