My Team: Artist #2 "Sade Cru"

Look at the  Monday, July 11, 2011 to understand what I mean by My Team.

Name: Anjanae Crump
Position: Poet/Photographer
Class: High School Jr.
Twitter: @Eanajna

Old soul in a new body is the best way I see Anjanae Crump aka “Sade Cru”. She is symbolic of the beauty that some of us cannot see with our bare eyes. This girl has taken beauty and made it her weapon of choice. Through her Poems and photography she can either motivated you or just make you fall in love with her artistry. I present my second allstar ….. Sade Cru.



The hair on my head
Changes the eyes on my face
The impressive drop
From awe
To hate
In a matter of seconds
My curls
To some
To others
The confidence inside
And my African pride
The older black women,
Commend me
They love what they see
A bold young lady
As the ones in their days
Who publicly displayed
Their naps, curls, and waves
For it's taboo
As relaxers say
A walk up the street
To me
is exhilarating
Everybody stares
Whether they want to
Or not
The vibe I create
And the statement
I state
Is loud
With no words, gestures, or sounds
The afro on my head
I'm black and i'm proud
It stands out in every crowd
My hair
In part
Defines a bit of who I am
A free spirited individual
Nothing is fictional
About my hair
Although i'm often given
An artificial
I am on a mission
For myself
I do this
For nobody else
Flat hair
Reformed ponytails
Doesn't satisfy me
Our females
With every shampoo
And conditioning
We are beautiful
From our scalp to our feet
Hair is just an accessory
The style that I wear
Doesn't change whats inside of me
It only helps me
To show it
And visually
I love my hair
I love the criticism
And I love the stares
When I look in the mirror
And undo every curl
I smile in bliss
Of the rest of the world
And for the watchful eyes
Waiting to tell
I am more than just a nappy headed black girl.

Music Street

As long as the dreads down the back of the man who walks it
At noon
Playing a tune
Soft and sweet
A smooth beat melody
The great southern hospitality
Brings me to my feet
And I sway along
With the stroke of every key
It speaks so clear to me
But the man never stops
As he sees im following
He gives it a bend
And plays more loudly.
The light on his face
As the musical notes
And he drops to one knee
And I swear in my soul
He’s playing for me
Pouring his heart out
With every beat
I’ve gotten so close
I see sweat dripping
In the incredible heat
Yet I feel so cold
Just from listening
And the sun goes down
But the music still plays
The man is now walking
Swinging his dreads
I still feel the chills
As he gets further away
And the music
Now fades
I catch my breath
And wait for the next day
Dragging the pavement
With a smile on my face.

What Do You know About That?

I was always told me to speak of the things i knew about, and if i didnt know them, to venture out and explore and come back with many stories to tell everyone. She told me to love and to care and never to fix my lips to swear on the grave of anyone anywhere. Never to stare at those who looked different. To keep two open ears prepared to listen, to dream real big and paint my vision cleary. You see, when I was a little girl, my mother didnt swing and twirl me around. All I had was a radio. And I remember that radio like it was yesterday. Sitting in my room, playing every song, writing down every word, singing my heart out like you'd never heard before. You probabaly dont wanna hear that. But i never lost track of those musical notes. And i had never thought that music would affect my soul so much. If it wasnt for rihanna's pon de replay or aaliyah making her boat swing, I wouldnt have the touch that do today. In order to gain truly you have to have everything taken away and for a little girl of my age that was having no one to play with it. But a radio. And lyrics turned to journal entries and entries turned to words, my words, my tears and emotion acquired from all of my years and the things that i've witnessed. Because ya see, I remembered to speak of the things that I knew about. If I cant cry or laugh at my own words its not something to read aloud and label spoken word. Because its not something that i've ever heard coming from the mouth of someone real. It appeals to a lot of people to be fake, based on the money you can make from rapping a bunch of words that'll make a big round ass shake, that'll wake up all the neighbors, talking 'bout bling the bling around their neck like flovor. But if you screaming all loud, jumping up and down aint what it's really bout, then close yo mouth and please sit the fuck down. I believe in the truth, and i was also told to never be rude but to stand up for what I believe in. So life's too short to be speaking, of the things you don't know shit about. And I knew never to apoligize for speaking my mind. Once i was in the car listening to an old song on my ipod and my mother asked me "What you know about that?"I replied, Mama i've been to the moon and back,
Based off of the simple fact that i wanted to,
And if i ever wanted to tell you that i'd have to go there myself.
So when i was a little girl, i packed my teddy bear in bed every night, and took a flight to a never ending land,
And i know everything about any place on the planet.
I took your advice and ran with it from the deep deserts of Africa all the way to the snowy hills of Alaska.
Anything you as me, i'll have an answer,
Imagination is my fascination and i'm thankful,
Thank you, and i now have a never ending vocabulary.


I Almost Died

I came to realize that I am just one person out of the billions of lives on this planet Earth, we call home
And you see, I came to realize, that 3/4 of those people i will never meet,
And I realized that there is no final destination for me, and that dreams make reality worth living in.
And I realized that aint no damn holy water gonna wash away my sins,
And you can have two ears but they don't have to listen,
And shoestrings aint necessary for someone to be tripping,
And wishing is best done next to a fountain, with pennies in your hand.
And that happiness is something you have to find,
And the mind can be your most powerful weapon,
And that love is the only thing you have when, everything else fails.
And I came to realize that yeah, you can yell, and holla, and change yo voice, and roll yo neck and roll yo eyes, but that
Two wrongs, don't make that shit right.
And that mama would beat my ass, if i didn't fight and ran home like a little bitch,
And that snitching will get you banged up and ditched on the side of the road, soaking cold in your own blood.
And that humans are really cold blooded creatures.
And that my features wont pay my bills.
And I've came to realize, that no matter what I do, or how hard I try, I will be forgotten one day.
Every history book page is paper and paper rots,
Just as trees are chopped everyday in forests around the world,
And that Little Wayne really does not want to fuck every girl in the world, cause I've seen some very ugly girls in my lifetime,
And with all these realizations, when i'm faced with death, I will not cry,
I almost died,
When there was shackles around my ankles and I was forced to work the riverside.
I almost died!
When the hosepipes were turned against me, left hopeless in the streets, because the white man didnt believe, in giving me rights.
I almost died,
When a big tough man came through my side door and took everything worth a goddamn dime.
I almost died,
When the American court system, played the damn victim yet once again, and tried to execute me.
I said, I almost died,
When I got that phone call, at 3 a.m, and my father never came home.
I almost died when like London Bridges, New York city came tumbling down.
I almost died,
When I got my heart broken for the very 1st time,
I almost died,
When I felt like a motherless child.
So i realized that I am not afraid to die,
For I died years ago,
And I am perhaps, who knows, a reincarnated soul,
Of a great philosopher,
Those thoughts keep me on my toes, very humble, I stand before you.
I've realized a lot of things and accept the fact that one day, It'll all disappear.
Once you realize that there will be bad times, so much better you can live.
And if you overcome every fear
You will have no fear..
And be open..
To realize.

Is My Ass Phat Enough?

Whatever happened to, do these jeans make me look fat?
Now it's, Girl my ass is getting too phat for these jeans,
So i guess you feel the need to come up outta them and use whats in between to make a brother scream now right?
And you you always complaining about how nobody ever treats you right, how about because your jeans so tight, a piece of ass is all he sees,
But nah, you see it as being free, womanly and liberating,
Creating a new look, Pshhh, we all know you just want to be seen.
But when the spotlights on you and it's the moment of truth,
You crack, and wonder what is it that you lack,
Are you mad because you thought your milkshake would bring him back to the yard?
Guess yo milkshake aint as good as you thought.
So what do you do now? Go to the club, and drop it even lower down?
Looking for love in all the wrong places, lets face it, you don't know what love is.
Degrading yourself for somebody else,
No nigga aint ever worth 9 inch heels,
Knowing yo ass cant walk,
Letting your pussy talk for you
Cause we all now what your lips do,
And that aint preaching in the church.
If you don't know you're worth, then how do you think someone else will?
Your body appeals to men, especially when you're rump-shaking all on the floor.
I hate to say it, but that's something a whore would do..
And I may not know you but I have been offered your pair of shoes,
So i know how you feel,
Sweetheart, you don't have to reveal your body to find a real man.
And you wonder why your heart keeps getting broken..
Thinking you letting him stroke it, will make him hold it, and keep you close and, stand by his woman, Someone to have fun with, to care and to hug with, maybe have a few kids,
But that's all the qualities of someone well respected,
And with the way you behave, you don't know what respect is.
So just stop looking and giving sexual satisfaction.
Learn to love yourself first,
And when you can finally trade in your 4 inches of cloth for a real skirt,
Your jeans will fit better than they ever did.

Hood Dreams

I may be quiet, But i will blow your mind
I don't acclaim myself as being a lyrical genius,
But i know how to rhyme,
I put in my fair share of time, In this hell that we live in,
And I respect all you people out there on your grind,
The streets can get grimy, but the hope is still shinning, bright through your eyes,
So sell yo mixtape, sit outside the corner store hustling for a dollar everyday.
Make a name, for yourself,
That's one thing the hood teach ya, if you don't learn nothing else.
Respect is everything, Love and cherishing your dreams before they perish and sink in the violence and alcoholic drinks.
Cross your heart, before you get in that ride, telling ya homeboys to tell ya mama you love her just in case you die tonight. Its bound for somebody to die in this ongoing fight.
Its no longer about the blacks and the whites.
Now its the colors and stripes of the bandana on your head, The amount of bread you make, How tall is yo rims,
How deep is the pussy in which you swim, what block are you from, who's ya mama and nem? Are you a lil bitch or are you in the game? Are you down for the gang? You down with O.P.P?
Yea you don't know me,
But people will judge you from the shoes on yo feet, are you rocking Jordans, or the new 6.3's.
I don't even know if that's a damn shoe,
But the wrong answer, wrong place, wrong time, can kill you.
In the hood that i'm from, being quiet aint even safe,
Little old ladies, sit in their window all day.
Where crack babies are a real thing,
Having talent is a blessing,
In a place like that,
So every neighborhood cypher, every little kid in tights dancing trying to be the next best thing,
Makes me smile and see that life is all worth while,
Do yo thing girl,
We need to start telling these kids that they can be anything in the world,
Crushing the dreams of little boys and little girls aint cool,
The ones who worked harder and pushed further and now have a beach house in Florida have proved,
If you can make it in the hood, In my neck of the woods, there's nothing you can't do.

A Single Black Man

A single black man,
Worth 98 cents.
As common as they come but aint got no damn sense
Working with his hands just to pay his damn rent
Dropped outta high school
Matter of fact, he never went
Never ever got a girl but got five or six kids
Protecting and defending whatever he calls his
Pants all hanging down, aint got a haircut in years
Don't want no disrespect but don't know what respect is
And as sad as it might seem, this is exactly how it is
Through the eyes of another, this black man lives
Like an animal, a dog, a modern day slave
And it'll be like this until he's buried in his grave
Or until the world changes
On a very far day
And we all come together
Together we'll raise,
The hopeless and the lost
The homeless and the crazed
A single black man thats been taking away.
Devalued and dumbed like an old-time slave
But I must point out
This is not about race.

The Hand That Touched Me

The hand I never wanted to touch
Touched me and left a print on my soul
The hand of which i saw bad luck
Touched me and wouldn't let go
But the voice in my head
Couldn't mouth the word no
And the hand that touched me
Took control
The burden of gold
Weighing on my shoulders
Was lifted and hoisted
By the hand that touched me
I never wanted to touch the hand that touched me
But it covered my face
And showed me the history
Of glee and of misery
It's company included
I saw me
From the hand that touched me
Never loved me
Pushed and shoved me
The fight I fought
Was undoubtedly lost
The shrieks of failure
Were covered and put to rest
By the hand that touched me
Yet I did not want t be touched
But did not care for the rush
Of refusing the hand that touched me
So I sat there
And I shut up
And tried to accept the touch
But the touch grew tough
For the hand had other plans
I sat there in silence
As the thoughts ran through my head
And the hand that touched me
Touched me again
But this time I refused
To be touched
So I screamed
And yelled out in anger
And told that hand
If you ever touch me again
We're going to have some problems my friend
But the hand signaled out
Im not your friend
Im just a hand
Who wanted to touch
And remove every mark
I previously left on you
But its too late to undo
All of the damage that's been done
Im sorry
Isn't enough
But there could never be a good one
So the hand that touched me
Did love me
But showed it in bad ways
The hand could be my friend
Maybe just one day
But now's too soon
I have to recover my wounds
And allow my life to resume
Before I can ever accept
The hand that touched me.

What Happened

In the mist of dishes breaking
And the thoughts of love making
Im thinking,
It's obvious that I care but that i tell myself not to
To hate you, erase you and simply replace you
But its easier said than stuck to
And you now how much i love
But the bad times come through
More now than the good do
It didnt used to,
Happen that way
But the things that you say
Have faded away
And I can no longer tell
If you love me and care as well anymore
Before you took my heart
I had no heartache
But a good home is hard to make
Without the two hands that it takes
And happiness is hard to fake
When your every phone call makes my heart break
The last time I press end
May be the end of what began
A long time ago
When I fell in love with you
And the things you do
How you said my name
Said you'd never change
But that breaks the rules of the game
Although time and distance wont stay the same
We seem to be stuck in the slow lane.


When you think it can't get any darker
 It can
The life span
Of humans
Are lost
With every breath
From the breath taking moments that take you away
And lock you up
In a dark place
You get high
And you get low
Your heart beats fast
As your body moves slow
And your insides glow
The air fills with smoke
Fireworks and light
The light
The darkness
Is the hype of the night
And it illuminates
The shine of your eyes
And a smile
Is seen
Miles away
Im in love
With the sand on the bay
And the day
Can wait
Let the moon show it's face

Well there's some poems, Ha, some of em really sound better being real aloud on video.