My Team: Artist #3 Randy Smith " Base Heavy Tv"

Look at the  Monday, July 11, 2011 to understand what I mean by My Team.

Name: Randy Dwight Smith 
Known as: Dwight
Position: Film Maker & Free lance
Class: High School Sr.
Twitter: @JapaneseRoses 
Affiliates: Chris banks, Chad Nicholas, Michael Howard, Joseph Stokes, Chris Horne , Jamie hardy , Dwinn Clipps 
Upcoming Work:
   videos , a photoshoot , website launch,interviews, t-shirts, etc

The social life is the entertainment of a humans life. More often then not the social life of others is unmatched. Randy Smith has taking "The Social life" and expedited it by being the eyes of our generation. By spoofing what we most commonly know and bringing Entertainment to the people who are most related to what goes on here in our City. Base Heavy Tv is uncontested but that doesn't limit there ability. I will let their work do the rest of the speaking.