Name: Jacob Washington
Age: 17
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Position: Founder/Ceo
John Legend

What can readers expect from your writings?
A reader can expect a large variety mixed cultures and different point of views in my writing. I have been raised to adapt and fit in with all types of people and so when I write I appeal to everyone. Also readers can expect a voice in my text not words.

What motivates you to write and what can you add to the “As the World Turns” Team?
Really anything that impresses me or that I feel more people should know about. If everyone knows about something before I do then I’m not too motivated. For the team I am very driven by a successful blog that people can count on for that small in between the cracks information. I take this very seriously; to me this is not just a hobby so I basically am pouring all my personality and majority of my time into “As the World Turns”.

What do feel strongly about and what do you not care too much about?
I’m big on music but I’m really into political movement. I’m also a sucker for slam poetry and people struggling to make it happen in the world.
Are you able to come out of your comfort zone while you write?
Of course, if necessary I will write a back to reality piece where some may object.