Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kanye unleashed the Monster

Controversy is his forte and he has hit the nail on the coffin again! Kanye West released his new video Monster Ft. Rick Ross, Jay-z, Nicki Minaj, and Bon Iver. The video is definantly the rap version of a lady gaga video but it is so tempting to challenge. The dead women or to be more specific the hanging and/or naked women may just be one point of argumentation. The most shocking part to me was Nicki Minaj's part but, I also thought it was the best part. We all know she has egos galore and here she has expressed two of them.

The Video is a great one for the ages. Check it!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cut The Ish out!!! Post 100!

Someone had to do it and I have to say i agree with a majority of what they said. Hilarious!!! Merry Christmas Bloggers !

Monday, December 20, 2010

Too Far? $10,000 Fine!

Audio Orgy - Week 5

DJ Jay Skillz

Hot off the turn tables!

"The Instant Classic" DJ Jay Skillz

Definition DJs
Future Star DJs

Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Free Expression" A Sci High Documentary - Royalty Films

Im a huge documentary Buff!!! I find them very entertaining but more Motivational than anything else. Check out this documentary about Students at sci high here in New Orleans!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What do you want?

So the most important thing to All Things Censored is what our readers want to read and see. Help us out by voting on what you want to here more about and if you have any other suggestions let us know!Thank You

What do you want to see from All Things Censored?(more...)
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Band of Brothers Follow a common Goal: RAW

Raw Revolution is a group of multi-talented New Orleans youth, who's hip hop styles are so diverse that they came together to form a ultimate hip hop group, who's music can please any type of hip hop listener. Whether you like gucci mane or common you will get something from this group. The group consists of three producers, two graphic designers and myself(Ryan Dents A.K.A. Young Royal T), a skilled videographer. We cover every aspect of selling our selves by our selves.

The Main producer is Ryan Batiste a relative to one of the most well known new orleans bands, The Batiste Brothers.We continue the legacy in our new age music.We are not just rappers, we are talented entertainers from music to video poetry.The whole package basically sums it. up That is the link to the mixtape.

Check out Raw Revolution on Camera!


If he didn't steal all their voices than put me in a mental institution!!!!! Big ups for the tagg Kolin!

Too Far?

Watch this High School basketball player from Florida loose it.

Esperanza Spalding

You may have heard of her or not but I definantly found her story intresting. She's also a beautiful lady.

Check out her tour preview via:


Centuries ago, long before the advent of radio or recording technology, chamber music was the music for the masses – the music in which people from nearly every segment of society could find meaning and relevance. A decade into the 21st century, Esperanza Spalding – the bassist, vocalist and composer who first appeared on the jazz scene in 2008 – takes a contemporary approach to this once universal form of entertainment with a world tour in support of Chamber Music Society, her August 17, 2010, release on Heads Up International, a division of Concord Music Group.

Esperanza creates a modern chamber music group that combines the spontaneity and intrigue of improvisation with sweet and angular string trio arrangements. The result is a sound that weaves the innovative elements of jazz, folk and world music into the enduring foundations of classical music.

“So much of my early musical experience was spent playing chamber music on the violin, and it’s a form of music that I’ve always loved,” says Esperanza. “I was very inspired by a lot of classical music, and chamber music in particular. I’m intrigued by the concept of intimate works that can be played and experienced among friends in an intimate setting. So I decided to create my version of contemporary chamber music, and add one more voice to that rich history.”

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Good to be a pre-teen

If you have been paying attention to the blog you would have noticed that lately kids under the age of 16 are exploding throught the music scene. I have found yet another amazing voice from a 13 yr old. Enjoy!

New Wayne!

So I heard the new Lil Wayne joint '6"7 ! I also heard this was like the new a milli and I ......AGREEE. Universal beat with lyrics that will twist your organs and blow ya head off!!! Enjoy!

Lil' Wayne "6'7" by GlobalGrind

Monday, December 13, 2010

DJ - Skillz ready for a larger audience

Name: DJ Jay Skillz
DJ out of New Orleans, LA and member of the Definition and Future Star DJs.

I've started doing a weekly music mix between 30-45 and I post it every Friday. It's a mixture of local, underground and commercial artists. I use tracks that people e-mail, tracks off of albums that I feel might be singles or are hot and new releases I find off of websites. Enclosed are links to all of the mixes done so far. The 3rd one is a stream (under the link) the other 3 are links to downloadable zip files. (Audio Orgy: Week 1) (Audio Orgy: Week 2) (Audio Orgy: Week 3) (Audio Orgy: Week 4)

I look forward to hearing from you in reply and comments, feedback, critiques are welcome as well.

Thank You,

DJ Jay Skillz

"The Instant Classic" DJ Jay Skillz

Definition DJs
Future Star DJs

Re-Stocking the Rap Scene

I don't think i've ever heard of a "all falls down" remix. Its not bad at all. Check this dude out! also hit him up on facebook -Stockz YoungDow Jones, his twitter @stockztherapper, or his blog

Coach trips player?!

Sports as we all know is a very competetive market. Some people will do what ever it takes but how far is to far? During the Jets Dolphins game a very questionable trip between coach and player went down. You tell me was it intentional or was it an accident?

Friday Night Lights: Reveiw by J.Vappie

Friday Nights Lights, the highly anticipated mixtape from RocNation recording artist J.Cole, has blown away the expectations for the rookie lyricist. Friday Night Lights is by far one of the better mixtapes of this year; arguably better than most albums which are out to date. The mixtape begins with usual piano-styled intro, and then dives right into to a story line with deep meaning with "Too Deep for the Intro". The song includes a sample from the songstress Erykah Badu that soothes you in to listening to the tale J.Cole is trying to tell. Then in "Before I'm Gone" the rappers give us an oder to his native Fayetteville, North Carolina that refers to the trials and tribulations in his home. The mixtape has its big name features as do most mixtapes now-a-days, J.Cole enlists the likes of Wale, Drake, & his close friend and producer in Omen. The driving force behind the mixtape is the internet hit "Villematic" over Kanye West's "Devil in a New Dress" instrumental. After, "Villematic" J.Cole turns his attention to his nonbelievers in the song "Blow Up". Even, the bonus track shows off the talent of the young lyricist, "Looking for Trouble", previously featured on Kanye West's �G.O.O.D. Fridays'; J.Cole lyrically destroys everyone else on the track, which is saying a lot, given the fact the song includes Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T, and Cyhi Da Prince. In conclusion, J.Cole released the mixtapes with the purpose to keep his fans interested in him and his music, but he accomplished much more by nearly solidifying his spot as the next up in Hip-Hop.
J.Cole - Friday Night Lights 4.25/5

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Is the Rap Game turning into Childs Play?

Beiber, Willow & Jaden, the lil rapping white kid (lol), and now Mindless Behavior.
Just when we thought the age of boy bands was over yet another comes to the plate. Onto of being a boy band, this new addition to music is also an addition to the youth who are taking over music. When I was 12 and 13 the usual age that was considered young was about 17. So now we have the Mindless Behavior. The story about them so far is unclear but as for there video you must decide their caliber on your own. Enjoy!

Training Day: Still going hard

Another famous scene from the one man band.

Friday, November 26, 2010

New Wiz

As I was surfing the Internet I stumbled across new music by Pittsburgh Rapper Wiz Khalifa and I thought you should here. Enjoy!

"Star of The Show"
Wiz Khalifa - Star of the Show by Hypetrak

"Real Estate"

Wiz khalifa - Real Estate by Hypetrak

Kanye's first post- Album Move

During the 84th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Kanye West had the pleasure of being hailed by his favorite talk show, Matt Lauer of The Today Show.

West presented “Lost In The World” off of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to the crowd atop the New York Daily News float.

Check out his first move since his album dropping.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Juice: Powerful even in a one man act

One of the greatest break through movies for an actor was Juice. The major production catapulted Tupac's ability as an actor, but also opened up the movie business for music artist. If you aren't aware of the movie you should be! Juice showed how power can destroy friendships but also break people. Their are not many people that will tell you Juice was a poor movie. It literally changed my mind and perspective of friendship.

Now to the topic at hand. As you may know, I love to show off talent that presents its-self to me and I have found something serious. Imagine your favorite movie, now think of someone coming in and reproducing it in less than two or three minutes, at a low production level and still giving you the same impression. Well I have found someone who has managed to do that. Now Juice is not my favorite movie but it still moved me to see this reproduction of this famous scene.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Se-Pa-Rate: A NOCCA production

The talented students at NOCCA held a student directed show case. The students created their individual pieces, which had some sort of connection to their on personal life. The play addressed segregation as whole. Not only race but also sexuality, security, and stereotypes. Coming into the play I was a little shady of what I was about to encounter. I asked my fellow classmate and cast member Tim Bellow what it was about and he told me it was about the different types of segregation and how they have to be addressed to be changed.

The play was really impressive. I have a lot of respect for the cast because of how well they worked with each other. Also because they had to put themselves in someone Else's personal story. A big plus of the play was the ability to relate my life to many of the stories. Now while I'm not Gay or uncomfortable with my skin, I am still vulnerable to being segregated. This reality was presented beautifully within the show case.

So now the gritty critique. First of all the play should of been longer and the individual pieces should have gone deeper into context. The play cut off at a point where the climax was expected in my eyes. As for the deeper dive into the meaning of the pieces, I feel that each one could of been extended further to be assured that viewers understand what they symbolize. During the Q & A session a few viewers request a brief analysis of a certain piece.

Overall the play was great and for a very fair price. I urge everyone to attend and enjoy like I did. There are two more shows this weekend(Friday,Saturday) at 7:30 at NOCCA.


Messy Mya's celebration of life

The family of Anthony Barre, along with Bounce Nation, a New Orleans-based nonprofit organization, bounce artists Sissy Nobby, Big Freedia and Crowd Mova Crystal as well as community activist Sess 4-5, will be holding a public rally/candlelight vigil this Friday at Nuthin’ But Fire Records to celebrate the life of Anthony Barre (December 15, 1987-November 14, 2010) known as Messy Mya.

As Messy Mya, Barre was a well-known New Orleans bounce artist, comedian and Internet video star. The 22-year-old was known for his razor sharp comedy routines and his YouTube videos, numbering more than 100, which have attracted more than a million hits worldwide.

Barre was gunned down at a block party after leaving his girlfriend’s baby shower on Sunday, November, 14. News of his tragic death traveled within minutes as onlookers snapped pictures of him lying bleeding on the ground. These horrific images were shared online on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Celebrities such as Kimora Lee-Simmons, Nicki Minaj and Chris Ocho Cinco have spoken out on Twitter about the New Orleans native’s murder and the callous, disrespectful manner the gruesome pictures were circulated in cyberspace.

“I don’t want my brother’s death to be just another unsolved homicide in New Orleans. Hundreds of people were at that party so I know somebody saw who killed him and what happened,” said his sister, Anjelle Barre, who will be speaking at the rally. “He was a talented person and loved by many. He was about to become a father. Enough is enough. Please stand with the Barre family in speaking out against my brother’s death and senseless violence.”

The Barre family is asking that everyone in attendance wear black. For more information, call 256-2400.

The vigil will be this Friday, at 4:00pm, at Nuthin’ But Fire Records, 1840 N. Claiborne.

This info was trasnferred from completely. This is just to spread the word.


Dig on: Diggy Simmons new track "Shook one"

Rev Run offspring at its best! Check it out!

Diggy Simmons- {Shook Ones Freestyle} from philthegod. on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Freshiest Cypher

Do you think this should have gone on the B.E.T. Cypher?? HMMM

What a Quaterback would do for his team.

Besides getting crushed by 300 pound line men, pressures by thousands of people, and risking your job on every play, Quarter Backs may still have to prove to their teammates that they can be trusted and be friends. There are countless things that footballers do for fun but also trust. This is just one of them.

Mordern Jamz: Cee Lo Green

The music market is made up of thousands of artist. Of all the singers and rappers, when they produce music, it's usually similar to whats hot in the genre. For example when auto tune was first used, everyone fell in love with it and used it excessively. Music artist always fine new foundations in the mood and tone of their songs. Not too often do u here an artist dip back into the pass for more than a song. Well Cee Lo Green has. He has put out a few songs with a older generation vibe. So I want to present to of his songs that I feel are pretty nice.

Cause and Effect

When given an assignment that requires me to choose my own topic normally my stress levels would drop because I can decide anything I’m interested in. It’s kind of crazy how I came to this conclusion but my Cause and Effect is because I was thinking about the horrible state my country is in. The cause is the election of George W. Bush Jr. and the effect is the horrible state we are in now. Of all the bad things that happen there are two main effects I want to focus on. The first is the downfall of our economy.
By the end of former president Clinton’s term, the United States had a surplus of money and was stable. Once Bush got into office the fate of the United States changed. On September 11, 2001 the country was attacked by terrorist. As a result the U.S. went to war. Skipping the obvious, the war so far has cost us $1,105,632,500,000 and counting. The majority of this money is not because we went but because when Bush didn’t have a legitimate reason to pull out, he just stayed in. that pity pride game has cost this nation a lot. This decision made everything worse.
The country was losing money from every sector of business. The biggest banks began to bail out. The stock market saw its largest drop in points, in history. Car manufactures were then force to lay off thousands of workers causing a large influx of unemployed people claiming money from the government. Eventually the small businesses became affected because banks were asking for early loan returns and these small businesses could not pay. If that wasn’t bad enough, the nation then saw the rise of gas prices by sky rocketing numbers. It seems like a lot of effects and well it is!
The war was not the only action that Bush was involved in that hurt the country. On a more local scale to Louisiana many say Bush had a little to do with the just the risk of a Gulf oil spill. Stated by “Decisions dating to the start of Bush’s administration played a role in the BP spill, the worst in U.S. history, Stupak said at the hearing examining the April 20 explosion on a drilling rig leased by BP. Congressional investigators said the Interior Department under Bush offered incentives for drillers without imposing safety standards.” Bush found large interest in off-shore drilling because of the money it brought in. At the cost of the gulf he made sure regulations stayed relaxed so that drilling wouldn’t halt and hinder cash flow. The major cause of this careless action was the spilling of 207,143,939 gallons of oil being dumped in the gulf. The largest spill in the world was connected to George W. Bush Jr...
Between the years of 2001-2009 the biggest problems can be accredited to Former president Bush. Just because this whole essay is about his negative effects on the country, do not think this is to talk bad about him. As a Cause and Effect essay I saw that this topic had one of the worst effects any country had ever seen. The war he initiated as a result of being attack resulted in the worse recession anyone could’ve imagined for a super power. To add on that his little control on off-shore drilling turned into the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico. That was his Cause and I have shown his Effects.

-J.Washington via D.Cole

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lebron Family Fued is not over!

As we all know Lebron left Clevland on a bad note. Who would've know it could have resulted like this? Check it out.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tune into Teens!

Yesterday I woke up rather early and I was doing my facebook thing(stalking) when I saw a status saying "Tune into Teens this morning from 10:00 to 11:00. The radio show was broadcasted on WBOK, a station I'm very familiar with. So I tuned in, and opened up my mind to a discussion moderated by Teens. The topic of the show was "What is the difference between being Racist and being Prejudice?" They came up with a lot of valid points. One person mentioned that Racism is the isolation of a Race and I really liked that description of the word. Now to all, racism is pretty well defined but Prejudice is often analysed idea. What is prejudice? Now from what I heard on Tune into Teens I felt that they were straying from the actual meaning of prejudice. Their meanings were all unique but ran along the same line that prejudice is stereotyping but I do not believe this to be true. To me prejudice is the discrimination of someone because of a trait that is known. Stereotype is what you expect of a person based on appearance or personality. Anyway I was mainly doing this post to get the word out about Tune into Teens. This is a very good outlet for teens especially. It was very easy to call in and the talk about the issue. I ask that you tune in and listen up. It is a very informative show. You can catch it from 10:00 to 11:00 on Sat. on 1230 AM.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cat Calls and the Dogs that use em’

Okay, so I want to know why boys think girls will respond to phrases such as “Ay Bay Bay,” “Hey Shawty with the red dress,” or the most recent I’ve heard “Oh an an!” I don’t know how many times I have gone to a football game or just been walking the French Quarter and I will hear: “Hey Shawty, what yo name is?” ….do you really expect me to respond? Do you think you'll honestly win a girl over by being rude? Really? Try again. After enduring my share of whistles and “I-wanna-get-wit-chu” comments, I felt like it was time to speak up. I mean, as a girl, I would much rather a guy get up the nerve to walk up to me and act with some decency. If you want my number, ask for it and ask me by my name damnit! I would not like to be known as the “sexy baby with the black boots.” If a guy tries to step to me with the thought that I would respond to that and actually think he was a decent guy, he’s got another thing coming. You know what’s worse? It’s not even like you tryna step to us like men. It’s like a damn hit-n-run kinda thing. You say something and then don’t even pursue the girl. Were you bored and decided to point out that a girl was fine? Do something about! Don’t just catch our attention by doing something stupid and then pretend it was someone else or it was just spur of the moment. If you’re gonna have the balls to do it, do it well! I wanna know opinions: Guys, why do you do it? Girls, how do you respond?
Feminine not Feline. .

Rent is to Damn High

Being that I want to become a politician, I always realize the flaws of other politicians. I always wonder why politicians beat around the bush and many are not reliable. Well I have found a politician that screams real,truthful, and determined. A No-BS kind of guy that his community is yearning for. Plus he has a funny hair cut with gloves and he talks funny. Enjoy!

Open Military

Pentagon gives recruiters OK to recruit gays
By: Cornelle D. Carney

This is great news for the LGBT community as I have recently read an article in either Times or Newsweek that told the story of a former Army lieutenant colonel (LTC) that is eager about rejoining the Army. The LTC was “outted” by a lower-ranking soldier who read an e-mail that indicated her sexuality; and later, she was ousted by the U.S. Army.

This is a step in the right direction for the LGBT community being accepted; in that, this is greater than the military. In this hetero-dominant society, LGBT being socially accepted is what advocates, like The Gated Community, base a lot of their work on.

I would encourage gays to be careful and not run to the recruiting office to sign-up as “openly gay.” This process is still young and the military is only complying with what a federal judge ordered. Allowing gays into the military, again, is the mandate by the federal judge. This is not necessarily an action that the Pentagon wanted to do. Therefore, if the appeal that has been filed is awarded the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy will once again be in effect, and consequently, will more than likely result in a discharge or discrimination.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Band via Ipod

What can an Ipod not do?! Of all the franchise slogans in the world, the ipod slogan "There's an APP for that" might be the most consistent slogan. Imagine sitting on a train and a concert just breaks out. Cool huh? Imagine the instruments were all on computers. Neat right? Well what if they were on iphones? Well one band performed on an NYC train using iPhones only! Thanks to a friend I was able to view it and now I'm able to share it with you.


Wait? She's 9?!

It was only two decades ago that we saw the Prince of Bel-Air do his thing. Who would of known that actor Will Smith would marry a very talented wife and get two show biz prodigies. The one I will focus on is nine year old Willow Smith. When I first heard her debut song "Whip my hair" I could not be convinced that she was singing. She doesn't sound that much younger than Rihanna or Keri Hilson. The song itself was not bad and for a nine year old was actually very good compared to other kids who have released music. She just released her music video for "Whip my hair" and I am truly amazed. The video itself covered so much ground. What I mean is that the video showed Willow as a kid, but also as a fierce and fiery female. If you really watch the video you see a mix of some of the most infamous female artist as of today. When I watched Willow I saw a little Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Beyonce, Keri Hilson, and even Lady Gaga. The deciding factor will be Willow's next hit single. This will show us if we will see a trend of great music or if she just got a little lucky. Here is the video.


Why Kanye?! Why?!

So here at "All Things Censored" we have done our fair share of covering "I don't Give a damn" Man Kanye West, but we feel that now we must say maybe Kanye has gone to far.The artwork for Kanye West's new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, has been banned in the US for its depiction of an exposed breasts on what Kanye calls a Phoenix.

He tweeted about the album artwork last night and started out by saying, "Yoooo they banned my album cover!!!!!! Ima tweet it in a few..." He went on to say, "Banned in the USA!!! They don't want me chilling on the couch with my phoenix!" He also tweets "So Nirvana can have a naked human being on they cover but I can't have a PAINTING of a monster with no arms and a polka dot tail and wings"

I've come to the conclusion that Kanye West is no longer showing how far he would dare to go but now I kind of see him as defying the world as a whole. Now don't get me wrong, this album cover to me isn't the worst I've seen on a cover, but he is slowing pushing people to believe that he will explode soon or at least me. Never fails to amaze me! Well on another note Kanye releases a new song. Enjoy!

Kanye West-Take One For The Team by ayejboo


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Technology In America

As American culture revolutionizes, the modern day technology quickly turns into yesterday’s news. Just like a regular organism, technology evolves. This evolution is based on what surroundings affect the organism. Such as an animals would do in the rain forest evolving to be able to climb tree's etc. The technological field of play follows this same role. Through simplistic ideas I will show you the complexity of how technology has controlled American history.

The first pioneers of this country came on their sail boats and walked the lands claiming everything they wanted. Imagine if Columbus had a cell phone, along with a jet, and a Lawyer the world we currently know would probably be controlled by one person. Luckily for us, that was not the case. Now you could say that the lack of technology at the time may have been beneficial for our future but for now lets stay with the importance of technological turning points. I want focus on one major turning point. When we think of technology we think of mp3's, fast cars, and touch screens. The one thing that is constantly changing and shapes every American citizen is education. The first forms of education in the colonies were only given to rich upscale white boys, either at home or in small town houses with one teacher, one book, and maybe even a board. As you jump to the 60's and 70's you saw a number of larger class, actual school buildings, and a large staff. Students actually have individual books and more teachers meaning a better understanding of different subjects. As you move into the 2000's you start to see schools with books for students to leave home and a set for students to keep in their classrooms. Now in 2010, in some schools students don't even have books, they have laptops that they bring to school and take home.

In computers and mp3s, a young entrepreneur single-handedly changed life as we know it. In 1976 Steve Jobs co-founded Apple Incorporated which released its first computer, the Apple II series. In 1984 Apple released its first Macintosh. The Apple brand did not stop there. On October 23, 2001 Apple would revolutionize the way we listen to music by releasing the iPod. Since its release, the iPod has changed so much that it now has a touch screen and a camera. Apple has sold over 21 million iPods since its debut. Apple’s biggest release came on June 29, 2007 when they released the first touch screen phone, the iPhone. Since its debut, the iPhone has been remarketed three times with the newest edition, iPhone 4, featuring the first phone to have a camera on the front and back. The front camera allows you to make video calls to other iPhone users.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Still Droppin

As we look at our views from Droppin Fast, it was so well recieved that we decided to hit you with part 2.

Ne-Yo Libra Scale-October 19, 2010

Jay Sean Freeze Time-November 2,2010

Jazmine Sullivan Love Me Back-November 2,2010

Kid Cudi Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager-November 9,2010
Cee-Lo Green The Lady Killer-November 9,2010

Rihanna Loud-November 16,2010

Curren$y Pilot Talk II-November 16,2010

Kanye West My Dark Twisted Fantasy-November 22,2010

Kanye West & Jay-Z Watch The Throne-November 23,2010
Cassidy C.A.S.H.-November 23,2010

Yelawolf Trunk Muzik: 0 to 60-November 23,2010

Nicki Minja Pink Friday-november 23,2010

Keri Hilson No Boys Allowed-November 30,2010

Redman Reggie-December 7,2010

Bow Wow Who is Shad Moss-December 7,2010
Pleasure P Suppertime December 14,2010

Nas The Lost Tapes Vol.2-December 14,2010

Lil Wayne Tha Carter IV-December 14,2010

Ciara Basic Instinct-December 14,2010
Jay-Z The Hits Collection Vol.1-December 21,2010

Lupe Fiasco Lasers-March 8,2011

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


As we impatiently await the release of the most famous alien, he once again gives us one more thing to talk about while he's incarcerated. In his final letter from jail, he explains the restrictions of solitary confinment, thanks fans for b-day wishes, and a special something for the fans. Without further adue here you go...FREE WAYNE!!

What’s poppin?!

By now I’m guessing that you all have heard about my recent relocation to the bing, which is punitive segregation. Basically, no T.V., no radio, no snacks/junkfood, and one phone call a week. This punishment has been handed to me for my earlier MP3 incident. I admit, I fu#ked up and now I must deal with the consequences. As I write this, I only have 25 days left, and it’ll be even less than that when you read this. So honestly, I’m fine. Obviously, this gives me a lot of time to myself and a lot of alone time with my thoughts, which can be creatively dangerous. I do miss being able to hear from my family everyday but once a week will have to suffice. To them, I apologize. I’m still able to receive mail so reading and responding is still a huge part of my day. I’d like to thank everyone that sent me B-Day cards and wishes… that was terrific. You all are wonderful, simply wonderful.

Well anyways, I just wanted you all to know that I’m good and I’ll be good! But at the end of the day, I did it all for music!!! By the way, thanx for downloading the I Am Not A Human Being album. And if you haven’t done so already, please do! And if you have, do so again! When I get out I’m going to put the album in stores and shoot more videos for it. Which songs should I shoot videos to? Also, we will be adding bonus songs and packaging the new Nino Brown DVD with the in store album! You’re welcome.

Talent is best nurtured in solitude… Be home soon!
…Dreaming of being in Greece.



For those who weren't able to see the G.O.O.D Cypher or you just want to see it again....Here You Go!

Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - Discover more webcam videos and video blogs.


Change of Pace

On Tuesday October 12, 2010 the 2nd Congressional District Candidates' Forum took place at Dillard University. The current Congressman, Republican Joseph A. Cao was there along with Independent candidate Anthony Marquize and Democrat Cedric Richmond. The forum was held by the AAWPP. Going into the debate, I didn't necessarily know that much about the Independent candidate or Cedric Richmond, the Democratic candidate. Going into the debate, I did know a little bit about Congressman Cao; I knew that I didn't really like him. During this debate, however, I took a non-biased approach to evaluate each candidate and this is what I got from each candidate.

Congress Man Joesph A. Cao

Congress man Cao did a lot of things that I don't' believe helped his case. He came across as a stiff speaker. His answers to questions seemed like a fill-in-the-blank speech. Every question addressed to him was answered with the name of a bill he co-sponsored on this date, or how he has done something that was not pertaining to the question. The problem was that he wasn't answering the questions or/and he was sugar coating. Cao did say he was very bi-partisan and he has made the strongest attempt to cross partylines. This is true.

But when time came to answer a quick round of questions the Congressman by far did the worst. The moderator told everyone the answers to the questions had to be 'yes' or 'no.' He answered yes that he would support the health care reform, but in response to the next four questions he said unsure, undecided, restate the question, and I don't know. These were five yes or no questions about bills the elected congressman will face in office. He was just sad.

During the end of the forum each candidate was asked a question by another candidate. The Congressman received both the questions from his opponents. The first question Cao received was from Independent candidate Anthony Marquize. Marquize asked Cao if he would sign a pledge saying "I will appear at debates only if all the candidates are invited." Cao first asked for him to repeat the question. Then he said he'd have to read the pledge. The audience started to boo. It was a verbal confirmation Marquize expected. So after 2 minutes of confusion did Cao agree. The second question towards Cao came from Richmond. Richmond asked about Cao's reasoning for sending more money to one ethnic group in our community for health care than another. This issue concerned the New Orleans East hospital, or lack of a hospital and money to a health clinic serving basically the Vietnamese community. Cao averted response to the question to say what he has done for the majority ethnic group and then said Richmond had the wrong facts.

Cao, honestly made a weak, almost negative case during this debate. He didn't give concrete arguments to back up the things he said he's done. He is not very good at projecting his voice (fyi). He kept making jokes, which I don't feel is appropriate under the bases in which he made them. I saw many back-and-forths between him and Richmond but he didn't addressed attacks the way that would benefit him best. Of the three candidates I received the weakest argument, platform, and response from Congressman Cao.

Pastor Anthony Marquize

I would say he was very different from the other candidates and his approach was very different. He started presenting himself as a upfront guy. He expressed how he was about relationships. He also talked about how his current job would allow him to work well as a congress man. His ideas were good and genuine. He wants to invest in people and methods the benefit Louisiana. He also states how he speaks the truth. "I cannot make promises but I will try to do what is needed and learn how I should do it." Pastor Marquize was running really strong and too some presented a threat that was unexpected. His strategical fault came in when he brought God into the picture. He sayed that gays were not normal and have to be "fixed" and that "illegals" can't take our jobs. Then he kind of stepped on his throat by saying "I don't discriminate." Well technically he does. His cased slowly collapsed as he brought God into the picture. Where he may o believed his belief in God may have helped his case, I along with others may have seen him as using God for his own personal gain.

During the quick fire round Marquize answered along the lines of what the largely democratic audience wanted to here, until he said he would push to privatize social security. Yes he did! "I aint lyin". Marquize was asked what qualifies him to be congress man. He responded with; Integrity, Can't be bought, Love and serve people,Honest, Not a compromise. In his closing he says he loves people, he is in the business for people and will continue to "Pray,Pray,Pray".

As a Christian I understand his tie to God. I often question God's existence but I feel that makes my belief in him stronger. In that I take a little offense in Marquize trying to use God for his own benefit. Yes he is a pastor but that is no excuse. Overall I liked his flow and strategic approach but overall he kept finding ways to knock himself down. For example I saw him start at an "A grade an slowly fall to maybe an average candidate which lost him the debate for me at least.

Cedric Richmond

Last candidate, Cedric Richmond came to the forum with an agenda unlike the other two candidates. First of all, he was very aggressive towards Cao, he knew more facts than both candidates combined, he understood the system he wanted to go into, and he was very quick on counter arguments. Richmond's priority in response to the oil spill was accountability. I noticed that he attacks based on where he can win. He also said that he would invest in methods that works.

Richmond was clearly the audience favorite in that he said what people wanted to hear. I'm not sure he backed-up everything as effectively as he should have with methods to follow through with his plans.

During quick fire round he answered all the questions with democratic expectations, so all his answers were expected. Cao chose to ask Richmond why he failed to vote for equal pay for women. Richmond quickly responded that he had prior engagements on the date of the vote, along with other reps(on the State level) and he told the author of the bill in advance. Then he slammed back at Cao and said he would have voted for the equal pay for women act in Congress that Cao voted against. In his closing Richmond stated how this race will determine the pace and face of Congress. I did like that statement but I felt it was to tailored; he must of said it multiple times.

So of the three candidates, Richmond was the most stable and conducted himself the strongest. He didn't hurt himself with his own words and he gave the audience more they could relate to and respect. He showed up but I don't believe his competition presents a threat.

The outcome will fall on how the people vote.

That is my Doctrine of the 2nd Congressional District Candidates' Forum


Dee-1: Down for the cause

When I listen to the music of people I've never heard I pay a lot of attention to the beat, chorus, and the lyrics. One rapper I just heard of, really caught my attention. He goes by Dee-1. The following video really surprised me because I don't expect rappers to address other rappers in the fashion that Dee-1 did. I also found his awareness of social issues in his city very interesting. Rappers who "REP" their city don't usually bring up the negatives or challenge the city such as he does. Well I'll allow you to judge for yourself. Enjoy!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Can't handle the truth

Kanye West! What can one say? Millions of people love him and Millions hate him! I was thinking about something though. In today's we are always complaining about liars and fake people. Every year hundreds of protest, rallies, and marches are set up to challenge people who aren't truthful to the people. It happens in all professions too. Politicians are begged to tell the truth, while Athletes wait until it’s too late. So if you can agree with that much then tell me why the most controversial figure is in hip hop the same person everyone asks for.

Kanye West is ridiculed continuously..for his honesty. "George Bush hates black people" said Kanye West in 2005 during an MTV presentation. This started the era of Kanye West "The Ass whole" but this soon evolved into the conceded bastard we know now. Then came "excuse minute Taylor but Beyonce is the best female artist and she had the best video of the year hands down!" That was probable one of the most disrespectful things anyone has ever done on national TV but was he wrong? Was his opinion ridiculous or was it just the way he presented his opinion? Then this year he comes out with his song runaway which is just a toast to people like him. So Kanye West is so horrible! Right? It’s funny how as bad as Kanye may be he is only doing what people want. Telling the truth is what he does best but yet people get mad at him.

That leads me to ask who here is in the wrong. The hypocritical people of this nation or the man that does exactly what people want just to the extreme. All in all Kanye West is on fire! At the moment. Here are a couple of his hot songs.

Kanye West-Christian Dior Denim Flow (feat. Kid Cudi, Pusha T, John Legend, Lloyd Banks Ryan Leslie) by diptnyc

Kanye West - 'Monster' by nmemagazine

Kanye West- Runaway (ft Pusha T) by randomcypher

Dueces Remix feat.Drake, T.I., Tyga, Kanye West, Fabolous & Andre 3000 by artisticreation


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What if the Tea party was black?

I love political movements, and messages that symbolize national issues and agendas. Listen to this song. Play it a million times. Love it!


Made by music! No joke.

The music game is turning into yet another professional league of contenders who want to be in it, deserve to be in it, don't deserve to be in it, and are controlling the game. Well these guys show potential but do they have that edge to get anywhere with their talent? You be the judge.

Check out his blog


Monday, October 4, 2010

Is White right? Apparently it's never wrong.

Alot of people attempt to sugar coat any asumption of rasism still in the world but the reality is rasicsm is still as affected as it has always been. This video disturbed me but I hope you don't feel the same.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If the kids don't play then who will?

On NORD Reform
By: Cornelle D. Carney
September 28, 2010

In the civilian world, I am the youth liaison at the Greater New Orleans Afterschool Partnership (GNOAP), a nonprofit intermediary organization that promotes out-of-school activities for young people. Before I deployed in January 2010, I spent the last four months of 2009 promoting the 10 for 2010 platform. This platform includes ten reform initiatives that GNOAP and the out-of-school community wanted the next mayor, now Mitch Landrieu, to adopt. One of those reform efforts was the restructuring of NORD into a public-private partnership venture which purpose would be to bring the NORD facilities and programs up to standard. An example of this standard comes from neighbors in Baton Rouge—BREC. This reform effort has moved from the idea stage to possibility.

As I did in 2009, I still stand behind this reform effort which is coming up for vote. Some of the critics of this plan are skeptical of it because they are concerned that community input and interests were not present during the idea-to-possibility stage process. This concern is valid and I wholeheartedly adore the commitment to preserving community interest by including them in all major planning process. Consistent with this commitment, I assure the community that their interest were included. For one, GNOAP engaged youth, including me, in this process by having them research other recreation departments in cities similar to New Orleans. We were tasked with figuring out what differences and similarities were there any why. Numerous meetings and conversations were held with parents about this initiative explaining this issue. This issue was discussed with parents, students, educators, business people, politicians, and other public interests at the January 5, 2010 mayoral forum at Walter L. Cohen High School.

Furthermore, this initiative was supported by hundreds of youth and adult allies at the Super Youth Saturday Rally which was held on January 23, 2010. As you can see, much effort has been made around obtaining community input. I call upon the community to move this initiative forward to bring quality back to our children. Our young people are no less deserving than their peers in other cities but we are treating them like second rate, undeserving citizens. As the Army is always preaching to soldiers “Do the Right Thing!” Who Dat for Kids?

I invite you all to read this op-ed I wrote regarding this:

Between school and home, a gap to fill: A guest column by Cornelle Carney
Young people possess an innate curiosity to explore the city and learn new things. But in my opinion, there aren't enough positive venues for New Orleans youth to explore and foster their curiosity. Often, youth like me are criticized for our choices, behaviors, styles and interests. Well, I am old ...


Just another day in N.O.

A New Orleans second-line parade is a traditionally festive event that brings out hundreds of families and friends. Music plays loud for the dancing crowds. Lately this marvelous event has been the symbol of how far violence and ignorance has crept into our society. On Sunday September 26, a two year old boy was killed by a stray bullet. The boy was in the backseat of his mother’s car as bullets rang out from the cars ahead. As a result, bullets went flying into the car and the young boy was struck. I personally feel engulfed in rage. The reason I’m so mad because people simply don’t get it. Why do people bring guns to times of celebration and happiness? What posses someone to kill another for prides sake? When it comes down to it, that’s all it really is. One person kills then another follows then revenge comes into play then groups who hate others and on and on. This cycle never stops, and it is a cycle that has painted my city as the “Murder Capital of the World”, “Ya Herrdd ME”!

On a brighter note, yours truly has officially been classified as a Senior with the arrival of his class ring. A lot of stories in the works so stay tuned! Also the blog is doing so well. The blog has been viewed over 1200 times this month alone. We will be doing our best to keep it that way. Remember we are open to many suggestions and your own sent in post! Lastly a Big Shout Out to my cousin Verlin Dix! His Birthday was yesterday and we celebrated it on Sunday with gumbo,cake, and football! Great Combo! Hopefully he continues to live his life to the fullest. Peace!


Saturday, September 25, 2010


On Race Relations
By: Cornelle D. Carney

My name is Cornelle D. Carney, and I am a racist! Racism not only involves oppression and prejudicial acts toward a race, but it also includes promotion and preferential treatment of a race as well. Per this definition, if it is valid, I am a racist.

Some of my minority leaders and I started a conversation around race relations. The conversation was interesting in that it took us to different extremes, some of which I never knew existed. Just accounting for the A.D. period (2010 years), slavery and oppression just recently started to subside around the 1960s to 1970s. In that, oppression of the black man in particular had been happening for some 1,960 years.

This race math was presented by a staff sergeant who displayed a certain feeling, almost like he wanted to and start crying. He went on to question how can society fully expect black people to assimilate after having a slave-like mentality (this should be a discussion for another time) for almost 2,000 years?

The conversation then turned to a conversation about how some white people just have the need to oppress other individuals (to me, some blacks and browns have this same trait as well). Another soldier asserted that the need to oppress might be genetic—passed down from earlier generations. This spawned the conversation around success.

In America, whites have always been the most successful race. Blacks, Hispanics and Asians are playing catch-up; but, ultimately whites still control most of the economy and policy. Their successfulness is a matter of opportunity. Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Outlier, declares that most success is based on opportunity. What distinguishes the successful folk from individuals that are not as successful is the number of opportunities they have had. Since the whites in America have always had more opportunities than any other race is this the measure of their success?

The Uncommon Common Ground (2010) cites that according to the United States Census Bureau there will be no majority race in America in the year 2050. Is America ready for this transformation now? What steps should we be taking to become prepared to accept this new reality?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fly Minds Co. prepares to take flight with Corrupt Society Clothing

The Fashion industry is one of the hottest venues right now and there are many new fashion lines coming up everywhere. I sat down and talked to the founder of a company that’s getting a lot of buzz before it has even been released.

What is Fly Mind Co. ?

A Fly Mind is the name for an individual that steps outside the box with innovative thinking to improve the world we live in. We are the founders of a transformation of the normal thinking person. Every one has to take the study of higher learning in order to graduate flight school to become a Fly Mind. In other words you have to be yourself and create your own swagger to be a Fly Mind. This includes using your talents in a creative way to make a difference to the world. The Fly Mind company is the brains behind the Corrupt Society clothing line and works to create new ways to expose it.

The Fly Mind Team

The Fly Mind team is always growing. Torin Hurst is the creator of the name Fly Mind and the idea of the logo. I, am the artist responsible for creating the company based on the idea. Jacob Washington is also a great partner of the company. He uses his Fly Mind to reach out to his peers and provide them with insightful information through “ All Things Censored”. My name is Brandon Bartley and I am a proud founder and artist of Corrupt Society clothing and also a columnist in the “All Things Censored “ blog-spot .

What is Corrupt Society clothing ?

Corrupt Society clothing is the line presented by Fly Minds Co. The name Corrupt Society has been taken from everyday situations in life that are represented as corrupt . One of the many characters on the Corrupt Society graphics is the Corrupt Monkey . As the founder , the monkey is one of my favorite animals considering its genetics and structure is the closest to human form. This monkey will appear in various situations and will often times feature quotes that add to the meaning that the shirt contains.

This is a brief introduction to the upcoming line Corrupt Society which is soon to come with graphic t -shirts, embroidered sweatshirts, beanies, stickers, key chains, Good Wood accessories and more. These pieces will have fun designs that males and females can enjoy wearing in their everyday uniforms and outfits. This line is all about introducing creativity in art that can give off interesting , humorous, clever and just a fly design that different people can relate to . None of these images are intended to send negative messages. They are strictly to appeal to different audiences . Welcome to the Fly Mind world. Coming Soon! Corrupt!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Stupid Is as Stupid Does:
A Collaborative Analysis by Jacob M. Washington and Tracie L. Washington

Today, by a vote of 56-43 Senate Republicans blocked an effort to repeal the law banning gays from serving openly in the military. I think this has to do with more than just “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the military. Based on recent Congressional history, this democracy is totally screwed up because our legislators are allowing things to become personal. In other words, bills aren’t passed because of who is supporting or not supporting them, not because of the substance of the law.
So here we are…fighting several wars…thousands of lives at stake…and our paid employees, i.e., Congress, won’t fund the military because our legislators want to continue to discriminate against non-heterosexuals.

We all understand that everyone has their own personal opinions, or even religious views, but there has to be a time when legislators realize who they work for. According to what I saw on Rachel Maddow’s show tonight, even 65% of Republicans believe Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell must go. That leads into my next hypothetical question, but a shockingly feasible one which is, how do those 43 nay-Sayers explain to that percentage of non-heterosexuals that voted them in, that they (legislators) basically repudiate their way of life AND their safety from foreign aggressors – like Al Qaeda all at once? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. And so what’s next? If they find out there’s a vast homosexual population in schools, will these same legislators decide not to fund education?

As a civil rights lawyer and human rights advocate, I just can’t get over the fact that we’re having this debate. It’s insane. Even our kids know it’s insane, yet we expect them to respect our leaders. Seriously?

This is another analyisis done by..

Setting it STRAIGHT?: Republican senators block repeal of DADT, democrats allowed
By: Cornelle D. Carney

Childish and selfish are the senators who refused to repeal the ban on the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy that has been in effect since Bill Clinton’s administration. As a people we should not be here. This problem is deeper than just allowing gays to serve in the military. It is an infringement upon civil liberties; some of the very ones that which this country was founded, to included the First and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution.

Some critics are concerned about how heterosexual soldiers would feel living and bathing in close quarters with gays. This is a valid concern; however, policies are already in place that protects soldiers from sexual harassment, etc. If a soldier legitimately feels harassed then he or she can report it up the chain.

Bottom line is we simply cannot deny employment with the military based on sexuality. Equal opportunity policies are in effect presently for this very reason. What makes the military immune from this process?

For goodness sake, let ‘em in!


Where's Waldo!

Where's Waldo. The child hood book that made little girls tear there hair out and created little cheater and quitters. I truly believe Waldo is the reason I get lazy sometimes. See while using up all my energy to NOT find him, I would've been saving for now. Waldo was to many of my peers, the McDonald's of children's books and I spy was Burger King. Along with Waldo, I was always looking for Carmen Alexis, and trying to past Jump Start so my mom would buy me the next grade. Games when I was little where the best.

Never did I think where's Waldo could become a movie and while it probably will not be, this video trailer is amazing. It attracted all my senses and memories. Ahhh the good times! Enjoy!