Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pavement Playground

Hey everyone , it's been a while but I'm back with a new topic if
discussion. I'd like people to direct their attention to an amazing artist by
the name of Julian Beever. By me being an artist, I can have a great deal of
respect for this guy's creativity and talent. Julian Beever isn't your typical
artist though. Some people like to use Pencil and paper as their mediums to
create a beautiful work of art. You ever heard of the saying "The world is your
playground"?. This man takes this saying literally and uses the world as his
canvas to create vivid 2-D and 3-D optical illusions. These works can make
anyone stop and stare. Don't take my recommendation,check it out for yourself!




Sunday, August 22, 2010

This is our game. This is our passion. This is our movie.

Hockey. You can't get more Canadian than that. We breathe it, live it, feel it, and own it. After all, we did beat the US and win the gold medal at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Personally, I am not very interested in the NHL but I would not be Canadian if I did not like hockey on some level. You can actually become an outcast here if you ever utter the words "I hate hockey". No joke, I've seen it happen...okay, maybe not to that extremity, but people do tend to talk to you less.

So why do I keep going on about the "greatest game in our land"? Because this year at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), there's a movie about hockey. Now, it's not just any old Mighty Ducks movie, it's a musical. That's right, a hockey musical. The movie is about a Farley (Noah Reid) who's seventeen years old and is home-schooled. He leads a pretty sheltered life, but much to his parent’s dismay, he loves to play hockey with a bunch of "rink rats", and he's pretty good at it. So good in fact, that he is scouted and signed with a junior league team (and if you know a lot about hockey, lots of future NHL players are scouted from these teams). Of course he becomes an instant star on ice being that this is a movie and they want to sell tickets. Add in a complicated relationship with his best friend who happens to be a girl and some on-ice fighting and you have yourself a very lost Farley who needs to find his way.

What better way to kick off TIFF than with a very Canadian hockey-musical. The movie will premiere on September 11th one the opening night of the festival. The cast includes Olivia Newton-John, Marc Jordan, Stephen McHattie, Allie MacDonald and has musical cameos by Nelly Furtado, Barenaked Ladies, Amy Sky and Marc Jordan.

It can't possibly get any better than that; it has the masculinity of hockey and the femininity of a musical, making it the perfect date movie.

-S. Maharaj

Friday, August 20, 2010

More Power

So after the successful drop of "Power" by rap great Kanye West, the remix has been created. Not much to say but its good at least I think. You may have a totally different view about this version. Personally I like the first one but this one is not bad. Mostly because its more of a mix of songs to me then just the power remix. I don't really like how the retro power came on, but what ever! LOL So Listen to it!

Kanye West - Power Remix (feat. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz) by globaluploader


Thursday, August 19, 2010

“If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise''

Last Tuesday I went to the Spike Lee follow up film premiere to "When the levee's broke." The movie premier was held at the Mahalia Jackson Theatre and had a pretty important audience. People such as the mayor of New Orleans, Mitch Landrieu, representatives, doctors, activist, and more. Along with them was the producer himself, Spike Lee. He decided to show only two hours this time as oppose to the whole four hours like last time.

As the crowd started to roll in I began to see Stars roll in from my reserved box seats. While I am typing "So I'm at the spike lee movie" I here "Hey Tracie (my mom)" and I look up and see SPIKE LEE!! The poetry in the movie was also very inspiring. Then the mayor comes up for a conversation with my mother dear. So following that I finish my status with

"So I'm at the spike lee movie
Just shook spike lee's hand theennn the mayor
Lovin it holla at me."

So to avoid giving the movie away I will simply say I thought it was amazing! Spike Lee tied in are pains of Katrina still with our Triumph with the Saints and back to the dread of the BP oil spill. Every one Should see this!!!!! I STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT! Now while I may give some away accidentally, I do believe thought that this article gives you a pretty good overview.

Spike Lee’s “If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise’’ follows up on his Emmy-winning 2006 documentary, “When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts.’’ That film was about the hurricane and its immediate aftermath. This one looks at New Orleans in the time since. More specifically, it looks at New Orleanians. Personality, both his own and that of the characters in his films, has always been Lee’s strong suit as an artist. The vividness and unpredictability of his interviewees is what’s best about the documentary. The title’s sense of wary optimism — all right, very wary optimism — largely reflects their view.

The documentary includes a little news footage and the occasional excerpt from “Levees.’’ Otherwise, it’s talking heads. This being a Spike Lee Joint, they do the right thing verbally. These heads don’t just talk. They rant, reflect, remonstrate, recite poetry, complain, brag, explain, mourn, flirt with the camera, self-justify (disgraced FEMA chief Michael Brown comes off as kind of sympathetic, actually).

Some are famous, like Brown, New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton (the documentary begins with citywide euphoria over the team’s victory in this year’s Super Bowl), and Brad Pitt, who’s bankrolled low-income housing in the city’s Lower Ninth Ward. Some also appeared in “Levees,’’ like former mayor Ray Nagin, histori an Douglas Brinkley, and trumpeter Terence Blanchard. Blanchard, a frequent Lee collaborator, also contributes a very fine score. There’s a recurring trumpet figure, moody and expansive, that sounds a bit like “It Ain’t Necessarily So’’ (more wariness?). Most of the interview subjects are local residents unknown beyond New Orleans or even within it: journalists, officials, academics, everyday people, many of them poor — people who have endured.
In a nice touch, Lee identifies his interviewees not just by name but also place of residence. Sense of place deeply informs the documentary. A woman who returned to the city after living in a FEMA trailer for eight months says, “Living in New Orleans is a privilege. It’s not easy, but it’s a privilege.’’ The idea of the city’s exceptionalism, in ways both good and bad, suffuses the documentary. “We’re not really part of the United States,’’ says Garland Robinette, a local radio host. “We’re kind of like a rich Haiti.’’ (Lee devotes several minutes to the Haitian earthquake.) That sense of otherness is part of what makes the city seem both so alluring and almost cursed.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Keep In Contact

For all of you fans that can't get enough of the world's biggest rapper, well he created a way for you to keep in contact with him while he is on "timeout". You can visit to order Lil Wayne t-shirts, read his letters from prison, and you can even get the address to the prison and write him youself. Who knows, he might read your letter and give you a shout out on the website. This is the latest letter from Wayne, hope you enjoy. Oh and FREE WAYNE...

What’s poppin?!

Me, I’m good, figured I’d update my glorious fans again. Better sooner than later right? I’ll try to do this more frequently.

Well ain’t nothing going on in here but the time, which seems like it’s taking forever. I’m trying to make the most out of every second tho, mentally. There’s some pretty cool people in here. Even though this isn’t a cool place to be. I’ve learned plenty already and the best lesson is to not come back. Last night, I kicked ass in UNO! Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. Just thought I’d let y’all know. Gotta stay hydrated. Though it’s hot, I still work out. Now don’t be expecting me to look like Hercules when I get out, but I should be a little bulky. I guess. Anyways, please remember to always check for your name in the “thank yous”. I’m always reading letters and responding. Off the subject but hey Chris, I think you should team up with Kobe! Go Lakers! Hey Lindsey, glad it’s over doll. I should have written her huh? Young Money, you’re the best I ever had. Look out for Nino 3, and I Am Not A Human Being. Coming soon. Mother, I love you. Nae, you’re my angel. Lil Tunechi Jr., you’re the man. Lil Kam, you’re the best heartbreaker. Lil Neal, you’re the littler meatball.

I love you all!


Sunday, August 15, 2010


Brainwashing refers to a process in which a group or individual "systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated".
(wikipedia definition for mind control.) As humans we are often confused with the term brainwashing or in other words the control of the mind. We have a misconception of believing that the only for of brainwashing is when a individual is blindfolded and tactics are used in which he is physically harmed into doing or saying what the abuser wants . This is an example of hard brainwashing. There are much more conventional means of brainwashing that you may take into consideration in your everyday life.

Lets take a look at television. Television is a widely used telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images, either monochromatic ("black and white") or color. (wikipedia definition for television). I won’t break down the statistics of children and adults who watch television everyday. I will say that everyone reading this knows someone who engages in coming home and turning on the TV and either sitting in front of it or listening to it hours along in the day. It has almost infiltrated the homes of so many to where its like a loved one. It’s almost a necessity in the average household. Now lets think of what sells on television.

Show are often filled with situations that people can relate to ,peoples lives in which they share similar situations and stories filled with sex, scandal, manipulation and emotions that draw you into the lives of a television actor. It can be a emotional thing at times. Why is this? It’s almost as if television life has been programmed to feel like reality. You ever notice a friend or peer sitting in front of the TV starring with a dazed look, mouth open and nothing can take their attention off of the screen in front of them? Have you ever heard someone resource information in school and say “ Umm, well I saw that on television! “ It’s crazy right. Have you ever seen a commercial that almost screams to you as a viewer “ BUY THIS! “ , “ DO THIS !“, “ TRY THIS!” and maybe you even know someone who has listened to the TV as if it were a person who recommended them to a product .

It’s odd how you can find sexual puns, violence drugs, and a lot of negatives in television that causes some of today’s youth to act ,dress, and portray what they see on TV. Oddly enough some people sit on the couch watching TV with their favorite snack maybe chips, popcorn, candy and eat ours along as shows come on. Obesity levels are rising in the community and even in the world. This is because more people are sitting and watching more and less are getting out, getting active ,reading, and engaging in physical activities that they once used to. Now as we know things are good in moderation but we have to say to ourselves “ We can’t let the television be our reality!’ and we have to think for ourselves. This brings us back to the definition of brainwashing. You almost can use television as an example of a systematic way you can be manipulated. The point is that you must take a hold of your subconscious mind and think for yourself. Knowledge is power.

-signing out

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dennis Rodman: Hall of Fame?

You know him. He's one of the most eccentric basketball players ever, always pushing the envelope. This time, he promises he won't wear a dress. Anything else, looks to be in play.

Some people wonder what outrageous stunt Rodman will pull at the induction ceremony if he ever becomes a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame. And why shouldn't they, when many of their most recent memories of Rodman are of him wearing a wedding dress to an autobiography signing event? Rodman says that there will be no dress involved, but he will do something crazy.

A look at his statistics would seem to indicate the 6-foot-7 Rodman is Hall-worthy. Playing from 1986-2000, he won seven rebounding titles, twice was named NBA Defensive Player of the Year and won five title rings, two with Detroit and three with the Bulls.

But then there's all that other stuff.

The reason for Rodman's celebrity crossed over from sports to being known as the man who dyes his hair a multitude of colors and covers his body with ink and piercings.

And there certainly have been some rough areas, including a flirtation with suicide, head butting a referee and kicking a cameraman. Not to mention many tabloid worthy romances.

Nonetheless, I believe that Rodman deserves an induction.

The Hall of Fame has yet to call. If it does, Rodman will look to make his mark to be remembered for a lifetime.

-K. Murry

As under rated as could be

These days being a rapper is probably the most difficult Field to be successful in. It takes exposure, quality, time, and even some cash. This is the reason that while some people support new coming artist, others don't put to much consideration in them. Only because so many people think they can be rappers. One guy whose name has been floating around that i personally didn't take the time to listen to was Big Sean. I've heard him before, mainly in "Made" by Drake. After hearing these two tracks and watching his behind the scenes video, I do believe he has what it takes to be a decent rapper.

TI$A 'L.A. rAdne$$ the Look Book' x Behind The $cenes x Big SeAn:: from ti$a vi$ion tv on Vimeo.


The Toronto International Film Festival

Canadian's are starting to get excited about the 35th annual Toronto International Film Festival which runs from September 9th to the 19th, 2010.
The festival originally started as the "Festival of Festival's" in 1976 where it screened the 30 best films from Canada and the world (Hollywood decided not to show at the first festival as it was an inaugural year) to 35,000 eager movie-goers. The movies are screened in Toronto, Ontario, in the city's posh neighbourhood of Yorkville. The once small festival has now gained a international reputation of high standards. Renamed the Toronto International Film Festival or TIFF, it has been compared to the Cannes Film Festival in France. Last year, 336 films were shown from 64 different countries to 500,000 film enthusiasts. According to Time magazine, TIFF has "grown from its place as the most influential fall film festival to the most influential film festival, period" (2007). It is said that the race for the Oscars begins here.

American Beauty, directed by Sam Mendes, first premiered at TIFF and later went on to win 5 Oscars. Another notable movie that premiered at the festival was Up in the Air, directed by Jason Reitman, which was nominated for 6 Oscars. A Canadian film that was nominated for an Oscar was Water, directed by Deepa Mehta, and was first premiered at TIFF. Other Oscar winners that have shown at TIFF are Slumdog Millionaire, directed by Danny Boyle and last years Precious, directed by Lee Daniels. Both movies won the festivals People's Choice Award.

This year, Daydream Nation is making it's debut on the opening night of the festival. The movie is directed by Mike Goldbach and stars Kat Dennings (Norah from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist) as the lead. The movie is about a teenage girl (Dennings) being moved to a small town in rural British Columbia, or BC, (that's where I'm from!). Her classmates seem permanently stoned -BC is said to have the best weed in the world- while there is an industrial fire in the background and a killer is on the loose. Check out the trailer below:

Other movies that people are talking about are The Town, directed by and starring Ben Affleck, which is about a bank thief who falls in love with the banks manager while they hold them hostage. Trust starring David Schwimmer, Clive Owen and Catherine Keener, is about a young, teen girl being raped by a pedophile she met online. Some Canadian movies that are premiering at the festival are five movies from BC; Daydream Nation is one of them. Another one is Force of Nature, The David Suzuki Movie, directed by Sturla Gunnarsson. Gunnarsson follows David Suzuki around to internment camps sites of WWII, Japan, and lastly, Vancouver's Chan Centre where Suzuki gives a lecture on his life's work as an environmentalist and broadcaster. The other three movies are Repeaters , a thriller directed by Carl Bessai (if you liked Groundhog Day, you might want to check this one out), A Night for Dying Tigers, directed by Terry Miles, which stars two BC actors, and finally, Amazon Falls, Katrin Bowen's directorial debut about B-starlet that's lost her shine and is falling for a powerful man of mystery.

TIFF looks to be pretty exciting this year, I'm interested to see what movies will make it big and which ones will just flop. I think that the movies with the big stars like Truth and The Town will be more of the "box-office hits" because, honestly, they don't seem that original, and let's face it, the general public loves their unoriginal movies. However, Amazon Falls doesn't seem to be to original either and it doesn't have any big names; it seems more like a flop. I think movies like Daydream Nation will be big in the underground, indie industry because the movie has the Juno-vibe to it with it's quirkiness and the way that it is so out there. But of course, the movies are only half of the fun of TIFF. I'll be keeping you posted on what stars are showing up, who's dressing them and who's in the running for the People's Choice Award. Who do you think it will be?

If you want to check out more on the festival and the full list of movies that will be shown, you can visit TIFF's website at

-S. Maharaj

Thursday, August 12, 2010

U.K. Tagged


Banksy is the nickname referred to as one of the most controversial
internationally known British graffiti artist. His true identity is yet to be
known but his artwork lives on walls and city streets of many. He uses a
stenciling style which is often compared to Blek Le Rat. Banksy's art portrays
the movement of anti-war,anti capitalism, anti authoritarianism,ant fascism,and



He has a few pieces in New Orleans which seem to convey a message. One depicts
an image of two soldiers stealing a tv and stereo from a building . Another is a
picture of a little caucasion boy with yellow hair,red shirt,and blue shorts.
He"s also accompanied by his skateboard. You notice he"s writing on a board that
states repeatedly "I will not copy what I see on the Simpsons". These images
definitely seem to have a much stronger meaning than your average graffiti. As a
piece of art it's meant for you to take your own message from it. There is now a
museum in acknowledgement of Banksy's work in the UK called Bristol's museum. He
also uses his artwork to attack some celebrities and political figures. You can
see more of his work by checking out his website at


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

If You REALLY Knew Me..

If you really knew me, you would know that... (fill in the blank).

If you really knew me personally, you would know that I am afraid of going beyond the boundaries that I am already familiar with. I wish that I would've made some different decisions in life, but I have no regrets. You would also know that at one point I have tried to please so many people to where I lost myself... been there?

Myself aside, MTV's new series "If You Really kNew Me" urges teenagers across the U.S to conquer their internal fears and issues alongside their peers. In the 12 part docu-series, MTV teams up with Challenge Day, an anti-bullying program for high school students. In each six hour session, the students undego activities and discussion whose main aim is to break the barrier between cliques.

But just how much have these same barriers impact schools in the New Orleans area? There are a numerous amount of self-glorifying cliques, geeks, loners, etc. When will our barriers be broken? When will we gain respect for ourselves and others as people? Some things to consider are the different backgrounds and obstacles in life which have all merged together and made us... well, us.

.. Just a thought.


Voice among voices: Presented by Cornelle Carney

Cornelle Dwight Carney is a new social networking friend of the blog. He is currently in Iraq and his input to the blog is very important and beneficial. From him we receive one hundred percent access to the mind of a solider fighting for his country. This is his first addition (Which I think I will name his segment Voice among voices) as a guest writer to the blog and we hope to have many more.

"Making the world a better place"
11 August 2010

When I was in high school at O. Perry Walker my principal, Ms. Mary Laurie, often gave us this speech about how America is not a perfect country (because perfection does not exist), but it is the best country on earth because we have the opportunity to make it a better place. It has been about two years since I have last heard this speech, but I just really internalized it and reflected on it.

Being in Iraq helped me realize the significance of that speech. Just an hour or two before I started writing this blog I heard two bombs within 150 meters of my location. Why? Why are they resisting our help? Why are they destroying their own community? Why are American soldiers fighting for, at this point, nothing? These are questions that my battle buddies (fellow soldiers) and I discuss often and we can never find an answer.

I asked one of our Iraqi interpreters about the difference between the pre-2003 Iraq and now and his answer was “we have cable and internet.” Seriously? It feels good to know that America captured a dictator, “provided freedom to Iraqis,” and gave them cable and internet (sarcasm).

You see, America is totally different. Like Ms. Laurie said we can change America by our actions and what we do. We cannot change Iraq unless they want change. Iraqis do not want change, they do not want liberation, but the cable and internet is a plus.

What Americans normally take for granted—the ability to be civically engaged—some other countries, like Iraq, cannot be because of fear of losing their land, families or their lives. I guess the whole point of this blog is to reflect on what you have in relation to other third-world countries. Although your reflection will not be a substitute for experience, reflect and be thankful for what you have now. Our right to civically engaged is not even an option in other countries.

Thanks for reading!
Cornelle Carney

-J.Washington via C.Carney

Illegal Fee's

The 2010-2011 school year is just days away for many and has already begun for others. As schools gear up, many students and parents are addressed with different announcements and rule changes, but if you attend a public school in Louisiana, school fee's should not be one of them. Under the Louisiana Constitution and Louisiana State Law a public school may not charge any student for any use of books, labs, or for taking AP courses. This is a press release by Louisiana Justice Institute that covers some basis of what public schools should and should not do.

NEWS RELEASE: “Just Say No” to Illegal School Fees

Louisiana Justice Institute Advises Orleans Parish Public Schools parents and guardians “Just Say No” to Illegal School Fees and Reports Charter School Operator to U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights

For the third consecutive year Louisiana Justice Institute (LJI) advises parents to beware of illegal school fees charged by public school operators. Since July, LJI has received numerous reports from parents, distressed by the school fees being charged for their children to participate in required school activities. These charges are prohibited by the Louisiana Constitution and by state statute.

“Students are being assessed ‘instructional fees’ that are not related to any particular activity or service and amounts to an ‘attendance fee’ prohibited by law. Secondly, the Louisiana Constitution specifically requires that all school books and materials of instruction be provided free of charge. Thus, any fee for taking AP courses and study guide materials is also prohibited,” states Tracie L. Washington, LJI Co-Director and Attorney.

Further, and equally important, parents have an absolute right to free transportation of their child(ren) to school if the child resides more than 1 mile from the school site. “If you have been denied free transportation, or in any way coerced or discouraged from requiring your school to provide this transportation, then the school is violating Louisiana law.”

New Orleans is being lauded by the U.S. Department of Education and national school experts, who have proclaimed this model a success. But since Hurricane Katrina, each year children and families are stressed by the ‘Ringing of the Opening Bell’ because they cannot afford the rising cost of public education. “In all, my step-daughter and my step-son are required to pay over $1,150 in fees for school; it’s just too much. Where is the free and appropriate public education?” asks Angela Watson Daliet, co-founder of Save Our Schools NOLA.

If you are a student or parent being charged illegal school fees, contact LJI at 504.872.9134.

When I read this I was actually surprised by those laws. I say this because I always hear my friends or parents complain about paying fee's at a public school. If I would of known that this was illegal I would of said something. The astonishing thing is that these very important laws are rarely made public and therefor nothing is done about it. I would highly encourage anyone who's paying public school fee's to call the number at the end of the press release and get the problem settled.

Insult to Injury

The world of Glamor and Galore is the most closely followed and critique here in America. While the fans, publicity, and money of a high caliber celebrity may be great, there is an unfortunate truth though. Today's media prospers off of the demise of others. In recent history we have seen the media literally tear celebrities down and many are still struggling. I want to focus on those celebrities that have been slain by the media and report their current status. I will also give them one of three possible grades.

On November 27,2009 there was a call from the estate of Tiger Woods from his wife Elin. This is the report and the eventual aftermath.

Victim #1

Eldrick "Tiger" Woods


(CNN) -- Florida highway patrol troopers plan to talk to pro golfer Tiger Woods on Saturday to get more information about his car crash near his home, a spokeswoman said.

Woods was treated and released from a hospital after suffering minor injuries in a car accident early Friday in his central Florida neighborhood.

State troopers had tried to speak to Woods on Friday as part of a routine car accident investigation, but his wife said he was sleeping, said Kim Miller, a spokeswoman for the Florida highway patrol.

Troopers decided they would return Saturday afternoon, Miller said.

Cellphone pictures of the accident from CNN affiliate WFTV

A joint statement from Woods' publicist and Health Central Hospital said the golfer was in "good condition" after the accident outside his home.

Tiger Woods: A true sporting legend

The single-vehicle accident occurred about 2:25 a.m. in Windermere, a suburb of Orlando, according to police.

Tiger Woods released a statement Wednesday offering a "profound apology" that copped only to vague "transgressions," allowing tabloid magazines to fill in the blanks with a slew of reports that the golfer has engaged in multiple extramarital affairs.

Tiger Woods issued a "profound apology" for "transgressions" on the same day tabloids published the...
Tiger Woods issued a "profound apology" for "transgressions" on the same day tabloids published the names of two women -- Kalika Moquin, right, and Jaimee Grubbs, center -- with whom they alleged he had affairs. The new reports followed stories by the National Enquirer over the weekend that named another woman, Rachel Uchitel, left. Uchitel denied having an affair with Woods.
(AP Photo/VH1/Eric Ita/
More PhotosWoods' statement was released on the same day two tabloids -- US Weekly and Life & Style -- published the names of two separate women, Kalika Moquin and Jaimee Grubbs, with whom they reported he had carried on affairs. Those magazines both followed stories by the National Enquirer over the weekend that named another woman, Rachel Uchitel.

Grubbs provided text messages and voice recordings to US Weekly, which she said are proof of a lengthy affair. Uchitel, on the other hand, has denied an affair with Woods.

Yesterday August 8, 2009 The number one ranked Golfer in the world finished off the Bridgestone Invitational in 78th place with his worst shot in his career. The world's No. 1 player looked utterly beaten, and he was. "Shooting 18-over par is not fun," Woods said. "I don't see how it can be fun shooting 18 over." He missed one last birdie putt to close with a 77. That gave Woods the highest 72-hole score - 298 - of any PGA Tour event he ever played, even as an amateur. It was the first time he shot over par in all four rounds since the 2003 PGA Championship at Oak Hill. This from a guy who had never finished worse than fifth at Firestone in 11 previous events, who had not shot over par on the South Course since 2006, who last year made PGA Tour history by winning for the seventh time on the same course.

Tiger Woods himself said only weeks before the accident that the current season was going great. You think he would say that know? No matter what he would say it is obvious to say that this private family matter has controlled his career recently because of the media simply blowing up the whole matter.

As of Now Eldrick "Tiger" Woods is currently UNDER Fire!

Victim #2

Chris Brown



Chris Brown is under investigation for alleged domestic violence felony battery, the LAPD confirms to PEOPLE.

"The identity of the victim will not be released," said Officer April Harding. "Any victim who's involved in a domestic violence incident is entitled to confidentiality."

Officer Harding added: "If police locate Brown, yes, he's subject to arrest."

Both Brown, 19, and girlfriend Rihanna, 20, were scheduled to perform at the Grammys, but this statement was released Sunday evening: "We have just been informed that Rihanna will not be attending tonight's 51st Annual Grammy Awards. We're sorry she is unable to join us this evening."

Around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday, Brown and a woman were in a vehicle in L.A. when they became involved in an argument, according to a police statement. After stopping his car, the R&B singer and the woman got out and the argument escalated. The LAPD received a 911 call reporting the disturbance.

When officers arrived they found the victim, but Brown had already left the scene, the statement reads. The woman suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker, police say.

The LAPD is conducting an investigation into the incident.

Effect: Chris Brown's reputation was completely destroyed. In a matter of weeks Chris Brown saw his fame quickly roll down the drain. Now while what Chris Brown did was not excusable, the constant pounding of insults and lies against Chris Brown just slaughtered his already tarnished popularity. As soon as there was word of a felony on Chris Brown the media leaked hundreds of different stories of what they thought happened, because of this no matter how minor or severe the damage on Chris's victim was it wouldn't of matter. The media had already constructed a story and millions believed it with minimal questioning.

Almost a year later and Chris Brown has overcome his endeavor and is now back on the A-list. Chris Brown just recently released his collaboration mix tape "Fan of a Fan" with Tyga which was an absolute success. Also Chris Brown broke hearts with his sentimental BET Awards performance, which was a tribute to the great Michael Jackson. Chris Brown has fought a great struggle to where he is today.

Currently Chris Brown is BACK!!!!

Victim #3

Paul "Pee-Wee" Herman


CAUSE: Pee-wee Herman (Paul Reubens) had a shining career as a children’s television presenter until 1991 when he was arrested in Sarasota, Florida for masturbating publicly in an adult theater. The news media went into a frenzy and the scandal marked the near-death of the character “Pee-wee Herman,” reducing both the actor and the persona to a ubiquitous punchline. Although the series Pee-wee’s Playhouse had already ended by that time, CBS reacted by dropping its reruns from their lineup. Reubens was arrested again in 2002 in connection with an investigation involving child pornography. These charges were dropped when he pleaded guilty to a “misdemeanor obscenity” charge.

Effect: Pee-Wee as we know it has been wiped off the map and forever be retired in the TV industry.The media took it out of proportion and destroyed this mans career. We all know what he did was not appropriate for public, but come on it was an Adult Theatre. Media blew this up called him everything out his name like millions of people don't masturbate every day and now he has vanished from the world. For Pee-Wee Herman R.I.P.!

Victim #4

Kathleen Battle


Cause: Kathleen Battle, one of the great operatic Sopranos of our time gained a reputation for being “difficult”. These difficulties and numerous complaints gathered by a relentless media, were from fellow singers lead to her being fired from the New York Metropolitan Opera. Due to her slandered reputation being broad casted and printed across the opera community, Battle was not able to get back in concert and has failed to find any one to take her on.

Effect: Since the dismissal from the Met, Kathleen Battle has not appeared in opera performances. However Kathleen Battle continues to appear in concerts and recitals, as well as lending her voice to recordings and television appearances. Kathleen luckily has the power and will to keep doing what she loves and because of this she is "Gettin it Done"!

Victim # 5

Hayden Panettiere

Cause: Hayden Panettiere is the one star in this post who isn't doing anything visible wrong but yet the media is still ruining her life as she puts it. "Being a star has its disadvantages", Hayden says. Because people want to know more of her personal life, the intrusion on behalf of the paparazzi is unbelievable. This, in turn, puts a strain on every aspect of her life, including her relationship with a man. “It’s very, very difficult and people have no idea what they do to people’s relationships. They destroy them. The paparazzi and the public. The public wants to read about your personal life, and the paparazzi give it to them by nosing into your personal life and saying things that are just not true and horrible.” the actress says.

While she doesn’t downright name Milo as the one with whom she had the relationship that was destroyed by the media, it’s not hard to see why many would incline to believe so. After all, although one of the most appreciated and loved girls of her generation, Hayden was hardly seen in anyone but Milo’s company. Her previous statements that the men she’s most attracted to must be in their 30s, this being the age when they have already worked through their insecurities and decided what they want from life, also work to reinforce this belief.

The disastrous consequences the lack of privacy has go beyond her love life, Hayden further says. “I used to walk my dogs in my pyjamas. You know something’s not right when you’re lying in bed for 15 minutes in the morning going, ‘How do I get milk for cereal without having to leave my house?’ I would be so happy if I could walk down the street without someone coming out of the bushes.” the star concludes by saying.

Effect: Basically Haden has not been able to settle with anyone. She has been distracted heavily and its affected her business life as well as her personal life.
Unfortunately for Hayden Panettiere she is TAKING PUNCHES!

This is just a taste of how the media has affected celebrities lives. I clearly understand that the majority of the people I listed were the reasons the media even turned their sights toward them. What i don't approve of is that the media will not rest into someone's fame as been choked out and completely dimished. It is a real unforunate occurance that people can continue to do that to each other. So do you still want fame and fortune? I don't.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Madden Madness 11'

As we were getting ready for the release of the iconic game Madden 11, you were probably wondering what the new features were or what makes this one different from the last. Well we are here to answer those questions. Madden 11 allows you to experience the most realistic broadcast presentation with its new game flow. Game flow cuts 350 plays down to 1 by allowing the coach to select a play for you according to the specific situation your faced with. On the online side of things Madden added a feature called Online Team Play. This allows you to team up with fellow online players and play intense 3 on 3 co-op games. You and your teammates will choose from 1 of 3 squads and each person chooses a player to control on both offense and defense. Each player will not only have to control their player but they will also have the responsibility of calling plays and also making pre-play changes. So team up with friends and see if you have what it takes to be the best team in the NFL and rule the Madden world.


At 12 am this morning , Big Boi will perform at the House of Blues to release the new game sensation we have grown to Love, Lust, and even Hate; that is Madden 2011. This is one of the many Madden parties in America that will be conducted tomorrow morning.Also we saw the first Madden Gras parade in the French Quarter of New Orleans. All in all Madden 11' is a big deal and you got to have it! SO GET IT!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Explanation of Power

How often do you run into a intresting peice of art and been dumfounded by the actual meaning of it? Has it occured through a poem? A song? or even a music video? Well we the writers behind "As The World Turns" have been in this situation many of times. Luckily for you and me, if the new Kanye West video has contributed to one of those dombfounding moments then we have your meaning. Kanye West recorded a video of himself on explaning his new "Power" video so watch it and have all your answers answered! Also Kanye gives you a taste of his new single and states that he will be releasing in 20 days! Check it out

(If you do not want to watch the whole video then you can skip to his word about the video by clicking on the third dot on the loading bar.)


Friday, August 6, 2010

I Love College

So I'm sitting in the pad and I here "I love college" by Asher Roth which gave me the idea to look up and post some of the top ten party colleges in America. Maybe one of these, are a prospect of yours!

10.Depaul University

9.University of Iowa-Iowa City

8. University of Mississippi-Oxford

7.University of Georgia-Athens

6. West Virginia

5. University of Texas-Austin

4. Penn State University

3.University of California-Santa Barbara

2.University of Florida-Gainsville

1.Ohio University


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Droppin Fast

This Summer featured a few hot Albums like Drake's "Thank Me Later" and Rick Ross' "Te Flon Don". Just because the Summer is almost over doesn't mean the album dropping will end, in fact more awaited albums are on their way and we will make it easier on you by letting you know what to look for.

Young Jeezy TM 103 September 28,2010

Lil Wayne I'm Not A Human Being EP September 27,2010

Kanye West Good Ass Job October 12,2010

The Game The R.E.D. Album August 24,2010

Lupe Fiasco Lasers sometime in 2010

Trey Songz Passion,Pleasure & Pain September 14,2010

Kid Cudi Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager October 26,2010

Tyga Careless World September 17,2010

Bow Wow Who Is Shad Moss sometime in 2010

T.I. King Uncaged August 17,2010

J.Cole Cole World October 26,2010


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Upcoming Events

August 2010
National Golf Month

5-8 – Satchmo Summerfest
7 – White Linen Night
12- Mystikal: House of Blues
13-15 – Louisiana Tailgate & BBQ Fest
14 – Royal Street’s Dirty Linen Night
29 – 5th Hurricane Katrina Anniversary

September 2010
National Bourbon Month

1- Corinne Bailey Rae
1-30 – COOLinary Summer
2-6 – Southern Decadence
7 - Paramore: Lakefront arena
8 – Saints Season and Home Opener vs. Minnesota Vikings
10-12 – New Orleans Seafood Festival (Fulton Street)
September 15 through October 15 - National Hispanic Heritage Month
22 - Mike Posner
24-25 – Ponderosa Stomp
TBD – New Orleans Seafood Festival (Fulton Street)
TBD – LPO Season Opener (continues through May 2011)

October 2010
Jazz Awareness Month

Oktoberfest (Every Weekend)
2 – Art for Art’s Sake
16 – 17 Crescent City Blues & BBQ Festival
22-24 – Audubon’s Boo at the Zoo
24 – NOBA presents Houston Ballet
30 – New Orleans Jazz Half Marathon
31 – Halloween in New Orleans
Halloween weekend –Voodoo Music Experience
TBD – New Orleans Film Festival
TBD – Audubon Steam Train Festival
TBD – Congo Square Rhythms Festival

November 2010
National American Indian Heritage Month

Prospect 2 International Art Biennial Begins
(thru Feb 2011)
1 – All Saints Day
2 - Wiz Khalifa at the House of Blues
6-7 –Audubon’s Louisiana Swamp Fest
14 – Congo Square Rhythms Festival
21 – New Orleans Po-Boy Preservation Fest
25 – Thanksgiving
26- 28 – Bayou Classic
TBD – RampArt Festival
TBD – Hornets Season Opener

December 2010
1-Jan 6 – Christmas New Orleans Style
12-13 – Treme Gumbo Festival
TBD – R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl


Facebook to become Movie Star

Do you have a facebook? Of course you do! If you don't then you are wanna of the few who does not. This Social networking website is for some people the epicenter of social life, planning, and meeting people in a confort zone. Looking back a couple years I would bet that everyone wishes they came up with Facebook first! Well although you didn't you will have the chance to see who and how he did it. The Movie is The new Movie "Social Network" is based on the beginning of Facebook as we know it. Directed by David Fincher who also directed Fight Club, The Curious case of Benjamin Button, and much more. The cast is headed by Jeese Eisenburg (Adventure Land) and Justin Timberlake!
Check out this Trailer along with Kanye west new hit song "Power".

Wyclef For Pres

Wyclef Jean has done a whole lot since he has walked up on the music scene. He first appeared with the Fugees and sold over 2 million on their first album Blunted on reality and sold over 18 million with their second album "The Score" which went multi-platinum. Shortly after he went into a solo career and featured with some of the greatest artist in the world such as Shakira, Lil Wayne, k'nnan, and MORE. reported that Wycleaf will be running for president of Hati in this article just recently published."The former head of Haiti's Chamber of Deputies says singer Wyclef Jean is about to announce his candidacy for president of a nation struggling to recover from the Jan. 12 earthquake.

Former Deputy Pierre Eric Jean-Jacques tells The Associated Press that the hip hop artist will run as part of his coalition in the November election.Jean spokeswoman Cindy Tanenbaum declined to confirm the report. She said the singer would make an announcement Thursday night but declined to say what it would be.

Rumors have swirled for months that Jean would run. The singer has always been careful not to rule out a run for the president and recorded a song "If I was President." The 37-year-old was born outside Port-au-Prince but grew up in Brooklyn."

Monday, August 2, 2010

Slam The World

The biggest rebels of the world are those who use elegance and beauty to complain; otherwise known as Poets. I could go on and on about poets but i want to pay more attention to a paticular type of poet. That would be slam poetry. Slam poetry is very intense poems usually with a political message (not politics in specific..Current events). A new found slam poet of mine is Anis Mojgani. He is a native New Orleanian now living in Oregon. I have seen a couple of his slam poetry competitions and also watched him on Russel Simmon's Def Jam Poetry. He his very assertive and his flow is so captivating! So check him out and go look up some of his other poems.