Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Band of Brothers Follow a common Goal: RAW

Raw Revolution is a group of multi-talented New Orleans youth, who's hip hop styles are so diverse that they came together to form a ultimate hip hop group, who's music can please any type of hip hop listener. Whether you like gucci mane or common you will get something from this group. The group consists of three producers, two graphic designers and myself(Ryan Dents A.K.A. Young Royal T), a skilled videographer. We cover every aspect of selling our selves by our selves.

The Main producer is Ryan Batiste a relative to one of the most well known new orleans bands, The Batiste Brothers.We continue the legacy in our new age music.We are not just rappers, we are talented entertainers from music to video poetry.The whole package basically sums it. up That is the link to the mixtape.

Check out Raw Revolution on Camera!

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