Monday, December 13, 2010

DJ - Skillz ready for a larger audience

Name: DJ Jay Skillz
DJ out of New Orleans, LA and member of the Definition and Future Star DJs.

I've started doing a weekly music mix between 30-45 and I post it every Friday. It's a mixture of local, underground and commercial artists. I use tracks that people e-mail, tracks off of albums that I feel might be singles or are hot and new releases I find off of websites. Enclosed are links to all of the mixes done so far. The 3rd one is a stream (under the link) the other 3 are links to downloadable zip files. (Audio Orgy: Week 1) (Audio Orgy: Week 2) (Audio Orgy: Week 3) (Audio Orgy: Week 4)

I look forward to hearing from you in reply and comments, feedback, critiques are welcome as well.

Thank You,

DJ Jay Skillz

"The Instant Classic" DJ Jay Skillz

Definition DJs
Future Star DJs

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