Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Aug's on the move!

On March 4th St. Augustine students held a rally for change at their 7th ward school. The Students (seniors) organized the rally and came with a purpose to be heard and understood, among other things. Most outsiders see this rally as a bunch of black kids begging to be beat. Wrong! The students were responding to the Archbishop of New Orleans, Gregory Aymond. In a video response to a recent town hall meeting Archbishop Aymond stated that St. Augustine's methods of discipline (corporal Punishment) is the direct result of violence in New Orleans. Myself as well as hundreds of other St.Aug students, parents, and friends were offended by this aquisition. Here are some of the videos of the March 4th rally and press conference. P.S. Also if you notice I do indeed make my debut on CNN! Not last time either. Oh FYI this same school just won the 5A state championship in basketball last weekend!

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