Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tweet Bananza!!

@j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011

The next big Social networking site is in full blown affect. Every one with Status has one. It also comes in handy when keeping fans up-to-date. Some of my favorite Artist, Athletes and Politicians have entered the Twitter world.

One of my favorite Lyricist Wale Tweeted "I'm still Ballin like I'm Bo Diddley" Wooo

People I'm following you should follow!!!

@tuneintoteens @tuneintoteens @tuneintoteens @tuneintoteens @tuneintoteens
@erosfashion @erosfashion @erosfashion @erosfashion @erosfashion @erosfashion
@kanyewest @kanyewest @kanyewest @kanyewest @kanyewest @kanyewest @kanyewest
@RealWizKhalifa @RealWizKhalifa @RealWizKhalifa @RealWizKhalifa @RealWizKhalifa
@HuffingtonPost @HuffingtonPost @HuffingtonPost @HuffingtonPost @HuffingtonPost
@iamdiddy @iamdiddy @iamdiddy @iamdiddy @iamdiddy @iamdiddy @iamdiddy @iamdiddy

And of course me!!!!

@j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011 @j_wash2011

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