Thursday, February 3, 2011

Photo File #2: Two 4 Life

I have decided to take pictures of things that intrigue me and post them. For some I will add commentary and for others it is up to you, the viewer.

I was thinking about my relationship, Teenage Relationships, the Whole nine yards. One very interesting thought of mine was Why are Teen Relationships short lived for the most part? Teens normally last about 4 or 5 years together as best friends then branch off and if not then you know their great friends. As for relationships, they may last anywhere between 3 weeks and 4 or 5 months. Many times its because they are bored, tired , anxious, or they run into drama. Then there's the most common reason of my particular generation which is "Hit & Quit"!
Unfortunate but realistically true. So how do relationships between teens or anyone work? I think I may have the answer.

If you've ever watched movies with teens or for teens then you most likely have seen the movies with a main boy character and two female supporting characters. Now there is one that the boy likes and the other is his best friend. Sound Familiar yet? OK now picture that the best friend actually likes him or even vice verse in gender. Your best friend is the person that is compatible with you. Not necessarily similar because that would be like beans in beans. Your best friend compliments your personality with theirs like red beans and rice. If you agree with this then good, we are on the same page. So why is it such a foreign concept to date your best friend? There's a major reason on both sides of the gender.

For guys, Usually we are not attracted to our girl bestfriends or they have boyfriends. For girls, The guy has a girlfriend or she hits him with the commonly heard " I don't want to date you because I don't want to lose our friendship." So speaking agaisnt the girls for a moment... I honestly believe that " I don't want to date you because I don't want to lose our friendship" is a bullshit excuse to tell a guy. I beleive a gilr is doing more damage to herself with that excuse.

The reason I brought any of this up is to say that the best companion for anyone is arguably your bestfriend. I say this from experience yes. If you and your best friend are attracted to each other than its for good reason. Stop being so damn naive and just date them. you'll fall in love trust me. It really starts with your STAR player! Your best friend is your biggest prospect and your potential Star player. You have to find that person and wrap your heart around him/her. It has done wonders for many people and can for you too.

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