Thursday, October 7, 2010

Can't handle the truth

Kanye West! What can one say? Millions of people love him and Millions hate him! I was thinking about something though. In today's we are always complaining about liars and fake people. Every year hundreds of protest, rallies, and marches are set up to challenge people who aren't truthful to the people. It happens in all professions too. Politicians are begged to tell the truth, while Athletes wait until it’s too late. So if you can agree with that much then tell me why the most controversial figure is in hip hop the same person everyone asks for.

Kanye West is ridiculed continuously..for his honesty. "George Bush hates black people" said Kanye West in 2005 during an MTV presentation. This started the era of Kanye West "The Ass whole" but this soon evolved into the conceded bastard we know now. Then came "excuse minute Taylor but Beyonce is the best female artist and she had the best video of the year hands down!" That was probable one of the most disrespectful things anyone has ever done on national TV but was he wrong? Was his opinion ridiculous or was it just the way he presented his opinion? Then this year he comes out with his song runaway which is just a toast to people like him. So Kanye West is so horrible! Right? It’s funny how as bad as Kanye may be he is only doing what people want. Telling the truth is what he does best but yet people get mad at him.

That leads me to ask who here is in the wrong. The hypocritical people of this nation or the man that does exactly what people want just to the extreme. All in all Kanye West is on fire! At the moment. Here are a couple of his hot songs.

Kanye West-Christian Dior Denim Flow (feat. Kid Cudi, Pusha T, John Legend, Lloyd Banks Ryan Leslie) by diptnyc

Kanye West - 'Monster' by nmemagazine

Kanye West- Runaway (ft Pusha T) by randomcypher

Dueces Remix feat.Drake, T.I., Tyga, Kanye West, Fabolous & Andre 3000 by artisticreation


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