Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Open Military

Pentagon gives recruiters OK to recruit gays
By: Cornelle D. Carney

This is great news for the LGBT community as I have recently read an article in either Times or Newsweek that told the story of a former Army lieutenant colonel (LTC) that is eager about rejoining the Army. The LTC was “outted” by a lower-ranking soldier who read an e-mail that indicated her sexuality; and later, she was ousted by the U.S. Army.

This is a step in the right direction for the LGBT community being accepted; in that, this is greater than the military. In this hetero-dominant society, LGBT being socially accepted is what advocates, like The Gated Community, base a lot of their work on.

I would encourage gays to be careful and not run to the recruiting office to sign-up as “openly gay.” This process is still young and the military is only complying with what a federal judge ordered. Allowing gays into the military, again, is the mandate by the federal judge. This is not necessarily an action that the Pentagon wanted to do. Therefore, if the appeal that has been filed is awarded the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy will once again be in effect, and consequently, will more than likely result in a discharge or discrimination.


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