Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cat Calls and the Dogs that use em’

Okay, so I want to know why boys think girls will respond to phrases such as “Ay Bay Bay,” “Hey Shawty with the red dress,” or the most recent I’ve heard “Oh an an!” I don’t know how many times I have gone to a football game or just been walking the French Quarter and I will hear: “Hey Shawty, what yo name is?” ….do you really expect me to respond? Do you think you'll honestly win a girl over by being rude? Really? Try again. After enduring my share of whistles and “I-wanna-get-wit-chu” comments, I felt like it was time to speak up. I mean, as a girl, I would much rather a guy get up the nerve to walk up to me and act with some decency. If you want my number, ask for it and ask me by my name damnit! I would not like to be known as the “sexy baby with the black boots.” If a guy tries to step to me with the thought that I would respond to that and actually think he was a decent guy, he’s got another thing coming. You know what’s worse? It’s not even like you tryna step to us like men. It’s like a damn hit-n-run kinda thing. You say something and then don’t even pursue the girl. Were you bored and decided to point out that a girl was fine? Do something about! Don’t just catch our attention by doing something stupid and then pretend it was someone else or it was just spur of the moment. If you’re gonna have the balls to do it, do it well! I wanna know opinions: Guys, why do you do it? Girls, how do you respond?
Feminine not Feline. .

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