Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cause and Effect

When given an assignment that requires me to choose my own topic normally my stress levels would drop because I can decide anything I’m interested in. It’s kind of crazy how I came to this conclusion but my Cause and Effect is because I was thinking about the horrible state my country is in. The cause is the election of George W. Bush Jr. and the effect is the horrible state we are in now. Of all the bad things that happen there are two main effects I want to focus on. The first is the downfall of our economy.
By the end of former president Clinton’s term, the United States had a surplus of money and was stable. Once Bush got into office the fate of the United States changed. On September 11, 2001 the country was attacked by terrorist. As a result the U.S. went to war. Skipping the obvious, the war so far has cost us $1,105,632,500,000 and counting. The majority of this money is not because we went but because when Bush didn’t have a legitimate reason to pull out, he just stayed in. that pity pride game has cost this nation a lot. This decision made everything worse.
The country was losing money from every sector of business. The biggest banks began to bail out. The stock market saw its largest drop in points, in history. Car manufactures were then force to lay off thousands of workers causing a large influx of unemployed people claiming money from the government. Eventually the small businesses became affected because banks were asking for early loan returns and these small businesses could not pay. If that wasn’t bad enough, the nation then saw the rise of gas prices by sky rocketing numbers. It seems like a lot of effects and well it is!
The war was not the only action that Bush was involved in that hurt the country. On a more local scale to Louisiana many say Bush had a little to do with the just the risk of a Gulf oil spill. Stated by “Decisions dating to the start of Bush’s administration played a role in the BP spill, the worst in U.S. history, Stupak said at the hearing examining the April 20 explosion on a drilling rig leased by BP. Congressional investigators said the Interior Department under Bush offered incentives for drillers without imposing safety standards.” Bush found large interest in off-shore drilling because of the money it brought in. At the cost of the gulf he made sure regulations stayed relaxed so that drilling wouldn’t halt and hinder cash flow. The major cause of this careless action was the spilling of 207,143,939 gallons of oil being dumped in the gulf. The largest spill in the world was connected to George W. Bush Jr...
Between the years of 2001-2009 the biggest problems can be accredited to Former president Bush. Just because this whole essay is about his negative effects on the country, do not think this is to talk bad about him. As a Cause and Effect essay I saw that this topic had one of the worst effects any country had ever seen. The war he initiated as a result of being attack resulted in the worse recession anyone could’ve imagined for a super power. To add on that his little control on off-shore drilling turned into the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico. That was his Cause and I have shown his Effects.

-J.Washington via D.Cole

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