Thursday, November 18, 2010

Se-Pa-Rate: A NOCCA production

The talented students at NOCCA held a student directed show case. The students created their individual pieces, which had some sort of connection to their on personal life. The play addressed segregation as whole. Not only race but also sexuality, security, and stereotypes. Coming into the play I was a little shady of what I was about to encounter. I asked my fellow classmate and cast member Tim Bellow what it was about and he told me it was about the different types of segregation and how they have to be addressed to be changed.

The play was really impressive. I have a lot of respect for the cast because of how well they worked with each other. Also because they had to put themselves in someone Else's personal story. A big plus of the play was the ability to relate my life to many of the stories. Now while I'm not Gay or uncomfortable with my skin, I am still vulnerable to being segregated. This reality was presented beautifully within the show case.

So now the gritty critique. First of all the play should of been longer and the individual pieces should have gone deeper into context. The play cut off at a point where the climax was expected in my eyes. As for the deeper dive into the meaning of the pieces, I feel that each one could of been extended further to be assured that viewers understand what they symbolize. During the Q & A session a few viewers request a brief analysis of a certain piece.

Overall the play was great and for a very fair price. I urge everyone to attend and enjoy like I did. There are two more shows this weekend(Friday,Saturday) at 7:30 at NOCCA.


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