Thursday, July 1, 2010

Entry One

Entry one is always the highlight of a project. Drake's first mixtape was a make or break opportunity. Lebron's first season was a projection of the future to come. This procces ass we know it will never end. It's the power of first impressions, so keep that in mind. This is where we "As The World Turns" comes in. This blog is headed by myself "J.Wash" and my partner "D.Robinson". Covering the basics is far from what we will produce. We will go from the best in the music industry to the quiet game changer and everything in between. Along with that we will cover Fashion, Sports, Events, Art (mostly urban), city issues, and anything else that occurs. This blog will be a link to everything going on but will also give real non fabricated opinions. I hope this has you intrested but until then... Stay posted, Follow us, and enjoy the ride.