Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Look up in the sky and you'll see Shooting Stars

"Look up in the sky and you'll see Shooting Stars" is a three part series looking into the young guns in the New Orleans music industry. This series will cover all the dimensions of what each young person deals with in their feild. In this series each person will also be graded on a five star system based on Material, Originality, Authenticity, and Stage/Rapper Presents(the confidence in the way they rap). Each person is asked the following questions.

When did you start?

What is your goal as a rapper?

Now what’s behind the rapper you are? What are things people don’t know or think about you/

What are the ups and the downs of being a rapper?

Where do you think you will be or hope to be in 6 months? 1 year?

What’s the name of your latest mix tape? Why did you chose that name and what is your favorite song?

What is the next move for you and what can we expect?

So thats the logistics so now enjoy!

Iman "El Kidd" Calvin

El Kidd is a progressive rapper in the New Orleans area. He is very vocal about his city by staying true to where he came from. He does most of his run and gunnings with his Blood Brother Neno Calvin ( Which we plan to but on our second part of this series) releasing their latest mixtape "Brothers From Another Mother V.2". He is also being featured in an up in coming documentary, "Versus or Hersus". This is what El Kidd had to say to our questions.
I started rapping when I was seven years old.

My goal as a rapper is to make a living, without having to sell my soul and to put on for New Orleans.

People don't know that I actually grew up listening to a lot of gangster rap music when I was younger. Once I got older I branched of to the "more creative" side of the Hip-Hop industry.

The downs are that it is really hard to make it anywhere nowadays. Staying true to yourself and working hard only gets you so far. The other 50% is making connections, and the people you surround yourself with. In other to make it big, you have to make sure you have a great team, and a good foundation behind it.
We all know the UPS of being a rapper, lol... (Diamond chains, fast cars, and bad broads)

In a year I hope to be well know throughout the city to all ethnic groups, not just the people I see at parties. I would also like the be signed before I head of to college, but I know that will take a lot of hard work...Thats why everyday I'm grinding, trying to get better.

My latest mixtape is a collab with my blood brother "Neno Calvin", who is also a teenage rapper from the Uptown, New Orleans area. The name of the mixtape is "Brothers From Another Mother V.2". You can find it on datpiff.com. We chose to the name because we are really brothers from another mother, and we wanted to incorporate real life stories in our music. My favorite song of the mixtape is called "Crazy", it is a remix from an original song made by the singer Ashante. I think it's one the best verses I've written so far in my career.

My next move is going to be branching off to another city, to widen my fan base, but in the mean time, you can check out my mixtape HERE: http://www.datpiff.com/El_Kidd_Neno_Calvin_Brothers_From_Another_Mothe.m114101

Now the moment of truth. El Kidd definantly gets a strong 4 out of 5 stars. He is definantly one of the most accomplished at his age in this city but there are some minor negatives. First I personally believe that some of his song hooks done by him or his brother may turn off those who arent really willing to listening to a young New Orleans artist, only because so many people are trying to be rappers who just can't rap. The worst thing for me to see would be a decent rapper overshadowed because of this stigma. Next is he definantly has a long way to go as far as getting more main stream and heard. Alot of die hard music people have not heard of him or at least his music and those are the ones who you want to get on your side. Besides this he is a really good rapper and he has alot of Potential. So check out his mixtape (http://www.datpiff.com/El_Kidd_Neno_Calvin_Brothers_From_Another_Mothe.m114101) and this video which also features his brother so check 'em out.

Troy "Sk" Simon


Sk Troy Prolly the funniest guy around, but also the smartest. Ive known Troy since sixth grade but ive only seen the rapper Sk Troy in the last couple of months. He definantly has stormed through the city with his why didnt I think of that rhymes and his crazy flow. Occupanied by his Ace Boon cone Sk David, parties have been sabotaged by this duo. So What did Troy say to are Questions? Don't Fret here they are.
I've always been rapping since I was a little kid. Watching the Hot Boyz on tv actually inspired me to give it a try haha, but I didn't get serious with it until the day after Hurrican Katrina.

I have two goals. First, I want to give my family and those around a better life than what they have now. I hate to see my people struggling, especially my parents. So I feel that I need to get off my ass and make something happen. Never waste your talent. Second, I want to prove to everyone that ever doubted me or said I wouldn't be anything that I can and will be something and don't ask for a favor when I make it.

The ups of being a rapper is knowing that your helping the people around you with there struggles. The compliments and the voice of fans screaming your name in public or at show is amazing. It truthfully puts a smile on my face knowing that my talent brings joy to another person's ear.

They downs of being a rapper is that you have no privacy. Everyone crosses that imaginary boundary in which you made to separate you from the public. People make stories and lies about you which quickly escape into public, but people will try to bring you down. Thats just another obstacle in becoming a rapper.
In 6 months, I hope to be doing something with Cash Money Records,In 6 months, I hope to be doing something with Cash Money Records. At this very moment, they are anticipating me and David's mixtape. In a year, I hope to have a record deal and start completing my goals in which I have already stated.

I don't have any mixtape that have dropped yet, but me and David are currently working on our mixtape ''Now or Never.'' We feel that if you are passionate about something your doing, don't wait until later on to try and go some where with it. Start now because when you wait, nothing ever happens. You know when yo people be like go to college right after you get out high school cause its now or never. And you decide to wait and year and then you wound up not going.. But these rappers right here are gonna start now. My favorite song is ''Made.'' Mostly because of my last bar, I said ''All I hear is Troy you better remember me, but remember when you hated so you'll never get a cent from me''

We haven't even completed the first step, ha. But we feel a record deal in our grasps, which is the first step. You can expect good quality music and the same ole Troy and David you knew before this rap stuff even blew up. Remember, NEVER CHANGE! And thanx for all the love and support..
So to Sk Troy he will grabb 3 out of 5 stars. He definantly has a really great future ahead of him. First of all Troy isn't the most consistent around. His singles are dropped at very weird times and he hasn't let out a full taste of his musical genuis. Also only time will tell if his duo with Sk David will prove to be beneficial or conflicting. As of now all we can see is that they flow diffrently than each other which can cause problems. Sk Troy definantly will be a huge factor in the music industry, so for now we must wait untill he produces.

Alvin "Lyrical Genuis" Dillon

The last of our part one but not the least. Lyrical Genuis has definantly stapled his self as the best Fat guy on deck lol. He has a strong voice thats great with pushing his message across. Also another great assets of Lyrical is that of the young gunz he definantly makes it clear of what he is rapping about and how much he has to deal with. So here's what he said.

1) well i startedd rapping at the age of of about 7 jus elementry shit, yu kno repping other rappers to ma la potnas etc etc and thats basically where it all startedd.
2)My goal as a rapper is to jus "stick to the scrpit" i want to bring the 90's back i want to be the modern day bigg, rakim, pac, nas etc etc i jus want to be better than the best.
3) whts behind the rapper imean i draw, play football, audio engineer etc etc 3.7 GPA imeann bt for the most part IRAP
4) 6 months? 1 year? hopefuuly ill be successful (to my own standards) or on my way there in the man above Co-signs on it.
5) well my latest mixtape was labeld "Mind of a Microphone" and the reason i choose that name is because somtimess i feel as if tht mic is the only thing that understands my problems and this is better explained by number 2 on the mixtape "mind of the microphone"(the track) which is one 1/2 of my favorite tracks as well as number 14 i think, which is a rexmix to jadakiss letter to b.i.g and i wrote the song when i was about14(2years ago) but jus decided to record YALL CHECK THT OUT
6) im curently workin on alot of features with diffrent artist.. and as far as expectations does.. JUST BE READY TO BE AMAZEDDD http://www.mediafire.com/?zngmqknjjnz

follow me on twitter: @genius_lyrical
facebook: Alvin Dillon
Myspace: www.myspace.com/yungal13th
youtube: lyricaltruetothis
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So where does Alvin Rank... 3.5 stars out of 5. He is very motivated and he is getting around. The Delima with his music is the actual realism of his music. How do I know as a listener that what he is saying is a hundred. Overall he will be BIG LOL. So hit him up!

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