Thursday, July 8, 2010

More than it's pages

"Mary Jane is the ultimate pain and stress reliever it was better tylonol and aspirin"

There are alot of things that can catch a young black males attention. Females, Money, Clothes, Cars , and much more but who would of thought a book ...a biography to be more specific would make them turn twice. So I brought this book to school and I think I may have held it for ten minutes before every guy I passed in the hallway asked to see it and gave it to the next person. This book is such a hit because it relates with some people from new orleans so well.

"It Takes you to a peace state of mind and gives you eagle vision."

The Author Kareem Kennedy just writes about his life. He talks about his occurance with weed, jail, failing a grade, a junkie mom, a no where to be seen dad, an ace boon coon brother and so much more. This book in my eyes is really a fenominal story and i encourage everyone to get this book. Look it up on UNO's website as well as and

"The first book that captivated my imagination and open another side of me was Harry Potter and the Sorcerous Stone. I felt a connection with Harry except my parents were dead."

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