Friday, July 9, 2010

The Mind of a young woman

My friend presented this too me not too long ago so I read it, but I really did not know the point of reading all. So I told her and she was like I wrote it! So as I go and really read it I actually what a twisted but good piec of work it is. I'm not going to put too much commentary on this because for her i will be biased but you the reader should check it out and leave a post of what you think at the bottom. Enjoy!

Death. Not the best way to begin a tale but it's all i can remember. Death. My Death. My name is Avarice Sinclare; you can call me Ava. I walk among you as a ghost, a daemon, a monster, and yet, you know nothing of what i truly am. Not to sound clich├ęd, but I am your worst nightmare. When i was eighteen, I made a deal: a deal that i am bound to until my debt is paid. You see, no one is safe around me. My curse is that i owe the Keres one hundred thousand souls. Who are the Keres? Ofcourse you would ask. The Keres are the spirits of slaughter and disease. You've never heard of them, i know. Neither had i until the day i crossed them. You've heard of Hades? He is nothing compared to these sisters. Her brother's saved my "life." Thanatus and Hypnos. I was given this job as a punishment for crossing there sister. It was meant to be just and "save me." Truthfully, this is a fate worse than death. I cannot die and yet, i cannot live. I must watch as life and happiness pass before my very eyes. I look human to you. I look real. In truth, i am only an illusion. Meant to look appealing to all. Meant to draw everyone in. If i get close to anyone, they die. I've never been able to save one. I've tried....and failed. I have been eighteen for hundreds if not thousands of years. You see, my birth was a mistake. I was never meant to be, never meant to exist, and never meant to live. The Gods have rules. My parents broke the biggest rule of all. They had me. I wont lie to you. Gods have sex all of the time, but with humans...never with each other. Well, my parents broke that Golden Rule and "interacted" with each other. Who are my parents, you ask? My Father, God of War, is Ares. He's part of the reason that i stayed alive as long as i did. My speed, my agility, my reflexes. All from him. And my mother, Nyx, Goddess of Night. I am seen an unseen. Beautiful and Mysterious. Hidden whenever i want to be. As you can see, I can kill you in an instant. You wouldn't know until it happened. Even then, only for a moment. I am the eyes that you feel watching you in the night. I am the "monster" in your closet. I am the real source of your nightmares. I am those noises you hear at night. I am Ava Sinclare, and i am Death.

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