Monday, August 9, 2010

Madden Madness 11'

As we were getting ready for the release of the iconic game Madden 11, you were probably wondering what the new features were or what makes this one different from the last. Well we are here to answer those questions. Madden 11 allows you to experience the most realistic broadcast presentation with its new game flow. Game flow cuts 350 plays down to 1 by allowing the coach to select a play for you according to the specific situation your faced with. On the online side of things Madden added a feature called Online Team Play. This allows you to team up with fellow online players and play intense 3 on 3 co-op games. You and your teammates will choose from 1 of 3 squads and each person chooses a player to control on both offense and defense. Each player will not only have to control their player but they will also have the responsibility of calling plays and also making pre-play changes. So team up with friends and see if you have what it takes to be the best team in the NFL and rule the Madden world.


At 12 am this morning , Big Boi will perform at the House of Blues to release the new game sensation we have grown to Love, Lust, and even Hate; that is Madden 2011. This is one of the many Madden parties in America that will be conducted tomorrow morning.Also we saw the first Madden Gras parade in the French Quarter of New Orleans. All in all Madden 11' is a big deal and you got to have it! SO GET IT!


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