Thursday, August 12, 2010

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Banksy is the nickname referred to as one of the most controversial
internationally known British graffiti artist. His true identity is yet to be
known but his artwork lives on walls and city streets of many. He uses a
stenciling style which is often compared to Blek Le Rat. Banksy's art portrays
the movement of anti-war,anti capitalism, anti authoritarianism,ant fascism,and



He has a few pieces in New Orleans which seem to convey a message. One depicts
an image of two soldiers stealing a tv and stereo from a building . Another is a
picture of a little caucasion boy with yellow hair,red shirt,and blue shorts.
He"s also accompanied by his skateboard. You notice he"s writing on a board that
states repeatedly "I will not copy what I see on the Simpsons". These images
definitely seem to have a much stronger meaning than your average graffiti. As a
piece of art it's meant for you to take your own message from it. There is now a
museum in acknowledgement of Banksy's work in the UK called Bristol's museum. He
also uses his artwork to attack some celebrities and political figures. You can
see more of his work by checking out his website at


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