Friday, September 24, 2010

Fly Minds Co. prepares to take flight with Corrupt Society Clothing

The Fashion industry is one of the hottest venues right now and there are many new fashion lines coming up everywhere. I sat down and talked to the founder of a company that’s getting a lot of buzz before it has even been released.

What is Fly Mind Co. ?

A Fly Mind is the name for an individual that steps outside the box with innovative thinking to improve the world we live in. We are the founders of a transformation of the normal thinking person. Every one has to take the study of higher learning in order to graduate flight school to become a Fly Mind. In other words you have to be yourself and create your own swagger to be a Fly Mind. This includes using your talents in a creative way to make a difference to the world. The Fly Mind company is the brains behind the Corrupt Society clothing line and works to create new ways to expose it.

The Fly Mind Team

The Fly Mind team is always growing. Torin Hurst is the creator of the name Fly Mind and the idea of the logo. I, am the artist responsible for creating the company based on the idea. Jacob Washington is also a great partner of the company. He uses his Fly Mind to reach out to his peers and provide them with insightful information through “ All Things Censored”. My name is Brandon Bartley and I am a proud founder and artist of Corrupt Society clothing and also a columnist in the “All Things Censored “ blog-spot .

What is Corrupt Society clothing ?

Corrupt Society clothing is the line presented by Fly Minds Co. The name Corrupt Society has been taken from everyday situations in life that are represented as corrupt . One of the many characters on the Corrupt Society graphics is the Corrupt Monkey . As the founder , the monkey is one of my favorite animals considering its genetics and structure is the closest to human form. This monkey will appear in various situations and will often times feature quotes that add to the meaning that the shirt contains.

This is a brief introduction to the upcoming line Corrupt Society which is soon to come with graphic t -shirts, embroidered sweatshirts, beanies, stickers, key chains, Good Wood accessories and more. These pieces will have fun designs that males and females can enjoy wearing in their everyday uniforms and outfits. This line is all about introducing creativity in art that can give off interesting , humorous, clever and just a fly design that different people can relate to . None of these images are intended to send negative messages. They are strictly to appeal to different audiences . Welcome to the Fly Mind world. Coming Soon! Corrupt!


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