Sunday, September 12, 2010

Battle of the 7th Ward!

The Souuulll Bowl is what it was called last night, but for many, one of the biggest rivalries in New Orleans is known as the St. Augustine vs. McDonogh 35 High School football game. Since Katrina, this game has been one of the highest attended regular season games that takes place in the metro area. For many family, friends, teachers, and alumni, it's that always big historic game. For the younger crowd, however, it’s a social anomaly, that is, the first of many fashion showcases, unannounced but always known.

As for me, this year I didn't go all out, but I did break out the new kicks (of course): Black/Varsity Red-Stealth Jordan Spizike's to be exact.

The new kicks, plus a simple shirt with simple shorts, a tin of Altoids and 5 Gum – Yeah, we young one's call it swagga and we like it. As is my usual routine, I met up with the crew. We sat for the first part of the game waiting for the stadium to fill up, and then we walked around. I saw many friends, who share with me so many stories and experiences. I even saw (or tried to see) those friends who will share new stories and times with me.

In the crowd: people of all shapes and sizes, all colors, and from different corners of our small city. The amazing thing is that we all came together for one purpose, that is, to support our teams, to see our friends, and to people watch! Yes, the games have their eventual scares due to childish people fighting (once or twice a game) but, for the most part, that three hour event bonds everyone and the outside world is put on pause.

Now yes, of course, my school won the game, and I am amazed that this rivalry didn’t end with any bad blood. For that I am actually proud. To end the night we marched out with our real New Orleans mentality. We went in to party and we left…to party some more! How? Second-lining out of everything.!
The hot 8 brass band- We are one by luaszz


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