Thursday, September 16, 2010

Film & Love

I am a big sucker for Documentaries and Films. I really love the high quality picture aimed at a real person with a truly amazing story. Today September 16,2010, I was on YouTube looking for short films to watch before I work on Homework and found a short film that touched me. The funny thing is that it wasn't until half way into the film did I realize that the film had taken place in my city New Orleans, Louisiana. The purpose of the film was to know what people wanted by the end of the day and some of their answers will last for more than just a day. Benjamin Reece who conducted this film has gone multiple places surveying people and you can find them on YouTube.The Second film is of a personal friend of my families and a big role model of mine and the last one is a film about secrets(very funny and mind blowing). Enjoy!

Evacuteer: The Judge from Benjamin Reece on Vimeo.



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