Monday, September 6, 2010

Beauty far from seen

The worlds mysteries and unknowns present themselves in many different ways. As an American, I don't see what other countries face because they may not be news worthy. After traveling to South Africa last spring break I saw a more extreme version of segregation that the American community wasn't even close to seeing.

While I was there I traveled through the townships of Cape Town. Probably one of the hardest sights I've had to encounter. People where washing clothes in dirty rivers, smells filled the air, lambs dissected on the side of the road and people staring at the 18 ft tall bus in the middle of their land. So we got off the bus and went into one of the new constructed houses and it was quite nice. The interesting thing was when we got out the house and a crowd of civilians were all around us. They were taking pictures and found a great interest in us. As far as their situation, I was overall hurt. They had stores in backyards, dirt gardens, and also had barber, beauty, and cell phone shops in crates(picture below). I have a lot to say with little time so check out the pics and also this nice tyga remix to B.M.F. that happened to be in the same townships I visited.



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