Monday, September 6, 2010

New Orleans Lives

"If you hear any noise, it's just me and the boooyyss, tryna have a good time." - Parliment
Happy Labor day to all. The writers here at All Things Censored have been quite busy but this Labor day weekend I have personally constructed quite a bit of personal insights on what goes on in my life. Yesterday I spent the day cleaning then the boys came over and we played some B-ball. Typical way to hang out. Pick teams, battle it out, complain, point fingers, call others names, laugh, show off, sweat, and win or lose. My performance was better than usual, you know J.Wash always makes a presents. Anyway after ballin for a few we were surprised by a mountain of sandwiches and cold drinks. So for about two hours we chilled on the front porch listening to Finally Famous Three next to a porch fan and just sharing stories. While we were siting there cracking up over any and everything it hit us that these will be the days we remember when we are old and have kids and grand kids.
I always wonder if our habits are the same as those in Texas or in New York but the more I think the less it matters because none of those places are New Orleans. When I say New Orleans I mean the real one! Not the party only city. I mean the one where you know everyone, and where on wrong move can result in disaster. Yes its a shame that my high school games are infested with violence and my legendary secondlines, parade with bullets and trumpets but, that just comes with the territory. It's the people that make it that are the strong ones and the one's that are killed are the blessed ones because someone needed them somewhere else more than we did. Scientist say that the Earth revolves around the Sun and everything on each mass stays in place but everything revolves around New Orleans.. Point blank.

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